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Jean-Haner-study-with-JeanDiscover how you can read the patterns in your face and birth date to reveal your inner design, your life purpose, and what you need to be happy in love and career.

Boost your income by using what you learn to coach and counsel others, or integrate into your current profession for career success. Help your friends and family love and understand themselves!

Jean’s work is sometimes called “acupuncture for the spirit” because she uses the map that ancient Chinese medicine developed of the human system, not to discern your physical health, but to read your unique inner spirit – to reveal your personality, who you really are inside, what you came here to learn, and what your true calling in life is meant to be.

When you can see the true nature of each person in your life, you can dissolve all barriers to love. When you learn to read your own inner design, you discover your personal guide to a life with less stress, more joy and the way to fulfill your purpose in the world!




Learn elegant, fascinating and practical information you can put to immediate use in life to discover your own inner design and the true nature of everyone you meet.

This workshop is rich with information, demonstrations and direct experience, including photos and stories, some humorous, some poignant, to help you clearly understand who you really are inside, what your true calling is meant to be, and how you can find authentic happiness in life.

You can attend just one day or stay for more! Click here to find upcoming class offerings!

(Acupuncturists: Earn CEU’s for attending!)


You have a living field of energy that can be worked with to gracefully bring balance and vitality back, so you can reclaim the loving, joyful life you truly deserve.

Join us for a gentle but powerful form of soul work that can release what’s been holding you back, to free blocks to love, joy, and life purpose.

Watch Jean do readings; clarify the hidden places where your energy has lost its balance, and benefit from every clearing. Experience the field and participate to shift the energy and use guided meditations to deepen your results. The changes will continue to expand and grow even after the gathering is over!

Learn to Clear Your Energy, Reclaim Your Spirit!

Join Jean in a beautiful retreat setting to discover how to clear the energy of people and places! First you’ll learn how to clear yourself, the people you love, even the animals in your life. Then you’ll learn to clear the energy of your home and office as well as all the spaces you move through for the rest of your life.

This retreat can help you move beyond old limitations you never knew existed. People often report experiencing powerful shifts as well as continuing change in life once they’re back home. Click here to find upcoming retreats!

• CERTIFICATION TRAINING (This training has pre-requisites) 

This training is designed for you if you want to do readings professionally, or if you’d like to integrate this work into your current career. Or you may attend purely to apply what you learn to your own personal growth.

This level of knowledge can be used to help people who are already well on their path, or for those who are feeling stuck and desiring change. It is also appropriate for helping people who are experiencing crisis, in conjunction with other treatment, to help allow new insights and directions for healing.

This program trains you to guide people to make choices that will lead them into a more balanced and healthy life, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Certification is offered but not guaranteed.  Click here for more information. 


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Webinars for Experienced Students

If you’ve read all three of Jean’s books  and would love to continue to deepen and develop your knowledge, Jean offers online webinars for experienced students.

Webinars are available to participate in live, or to watch and listen later at a time that’s convenient for you. Click here to find Jean’s webinars!


Personal Mentoring with Jean

Jean works exclusively with a small number of students one-on-one, to personally guide and help them deepen their abilities. To qualify for mentoring, you must have read Jean’s three books.

Mentoring sessions are done by phone or Skype and are an hour in length. Contact us for fees and availability. 

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