2021 Predictions Birth Date Chart

Here’s How to Find Your Personal Predictions for 2021!

If you were born on February 4 or later: Find your birth year in the columns below.
Then find the number at the bottom of that column. That is your number for 2021!

You were born June 8, 1969. Your number is 4.
You were born Feb. 4, 1973. Your number is 9.
You were born Dec. 31, 1988. Your number is 3.

If you were born between January 1 through February 3: Your birth year is
considered to actually have been the previous year. So just subtract one year from
your birth year. Then find that year in the chart below. The number at the bottom of
that column is your number for 2021!

You were born Jan. 23, 1976. Change that to 1975. Your number is 7.
You were born Feb. 3, 1963. Change that to 1962. Your number is 2.
You were born Jan. 1, 1957. Change that to 1956. Your number is 8.

2021 Birth Date Chart

*If you were born after February 3, 2004, you are still under the influence of your parents’ cycles and not your own. Check your parents’ birth years to find out what’s up for you in 2021!

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