3 Things You Can Do to Align with the Energy of Winter

3 Things You Can Do to Align with the Energy of Winter

Every season brings a different energy and if you can align with it, not only does life gets easier, you also make the most progress toward your goals.

So, what changes should you make as we enter the Winter season?

Winter is when life goes underground – It looks like nothing is alive.

But we know that deep down in the cold wet soil, the seeds are soaking in all the rich nutrients, building strength.

And that’s why, when spring comes, the plants can grow to their fullest potential.

It’s the same for us – If you can do the human version of what plants do during winter, you’ll be on track to achieve your greatest potential as well.

Here are 3 things you can do to align with nature this Winter!

  1. Savor Solitude

Winter is a time when Life gets quiet and goes inward.

No leaves on the trees or flowers blossoming, nothing visibly growing, just quiet stillness.

We need to go inward too. Make time for silence and solitude, for quiet meditation, or just to savor being alone, which is very different from feeling lonely.

  1. Rest & Replenish

Winter is when Nature rests. Animals hibernate, plants don’t grow; days are short and nights are long.

This is when Nature replenishes, repairs, and builds reserves for future growth and activity.

For us, it’s about getting deep rest – more sleep, and more downtime. But downtime is not vegging out in front of the TV or on the computer!

True downtime gives you a feeling like sinking into a nice hot bath – when every cell in your body relaxes and goes “ahhhhhh….”

Do whatever creates that feeling on a regular basis this winter and it’ll restore your spirit.

  1. Let Yourself Dream

In Winter, the seeds gather strength and potency while they’re deep underground.

For us, this is a time to let our dreams and wishes gather strength.

It’s not a time to take action in the external world, but to explore your inner one.

Allow yourself to daydream, fantasize, or let your creative juices flow without worrying about the end result.

It’s out of that frame of mind that a powerful new vision for your future can emerge!

These 3 simple steps can help you align with nature and as a result, powerfully change how your life goes from here.

And if you’d like an easy way to accomplish all 3 steps at once, you might want to use my Guided Meditation, designed for this very purpose.

This information is based on the little-known spiritual side of Chinese medicine, which helps you live in balance with the natural world around you – and your inner nature as well.

All my best wishes for this new season!

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