5-Element Living Winter Facebook Program

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Join Us for the new “Five Element Living” Facebook Spring Program!

Coaching – Mentoring – Advanced Training in Face Reading, 9 Star Ki, and Living a 5 Element Life!

Plus Bonus Webinar: 5-Element Feng Shui Tips!


This coaching/mentoring program takes place all within our private Facebook group, to make it easy and convenient for you to participate!

This group is rich with activity, insights and personal support from members, as well as daily access to Jean, with regular Q&A, lessons, practice sessions and even individual readings!

Here’s some of what you’ll get:

  • Bonus Webinar: 5 Element Feng Shui Tips! Many feng shui teachings don’t take into consideration WHO lives in the space and instead apply a broad-brush set of rules for everyone. But we know how important it is to align your life with your unique 5-Element nature, including your personal environment. Jean will offer a treasure trove of advice about how you can thrive in your home and office!
  • NEW information Jean hasn’t taught in workshops
  • Fun and fascinating lessons and practice sessions with photos & birth dates to help you develop your skills
  • Private notes from Jean’s real-life readings that she can’t share in a public forum
  • Jean’s and others’ personal responses to your questions and feedback
  • Daily contact with Jean for Q&A, and comments and stories from other members
  • Get coaching and mini-readings to help you with what you’re currently going through in life
  • A safe place to share in a community of people who’ve attended Jean’s workshops and understand how to hold a sacred space for you, even online.

(If you’re interested in Jean’s energy clearing work using the 5 Elements, this program helps you develop your knowledge and abilities there as well!)


Register Now!

This online program is a powerful combination of Jean teaching, mentoring, coaching, and personal support for you.

Don’t miss this easy opportunity to get it all online and really learn to put this knowledge to use in your personal and professional life!

Jean Haner - select buttonThree Month Membership – $99. Includes a BONUS webinar, daily posts, Jean’s coaching, lessons, practice, Q&A, readings and members’ posts! Program runs through 6/30/23.

Terms/Cancellation Policy: This purchase is non-refundable.

dividerYou have an inner design that is perfect and beautiful and right. It’s like a map to help you navigate your life.

You can use this map to solve problems, make decisions, find love, discover your sacred purpose, and always be true to your nature.

And you can use this knowledge to help other people in profound and powerful ways.

When you can see the inner design of the people in your life, you can dissolve all barriers to love.

And when you can read your own true nature, you discover your personal guide to less stress, more joy and the way to fulfill your purpose in the world.