Should I Date Someone Who Looks Like Me?

Should I Date Someone Who Looks Like Me?

They say opposites attract, but there’s a new dating website that claims to be able to find you true love by matching you with someone who has a face that looks like yours. The theory is that the more you look like someone, the greater the chances of success for your relationship with them. They claim that studies on celebrities’ faces show that the ones who have happy marriages tend to look alike. If you consider this within the context of Chinese face reading, which teaches that every feature on your face has specific meanings and messages, you might think this could make sense. If your date’s features are similar to yours, then wouldn’t it be true that you’d be very similar in personality and therefore compatible?

Well, first, we all know human beings are not that simple! We each have a gloriously intricate pattern of temperament, beliefs, talents and foibles! But also, it seems a bit silly to assume that a successful relationship can only happen with someone who’s as much like us as possible. So this got me to thinking about what relationships might be like if people shared certain similar features….

Ears that stick out: If you have two people with ears that stick out from the sides of their heads, this means you have two very willful and independent personalities! So here you have two non-conformists, who may share some similar behaviors, values and perceptions about the outside world, but at home together, this could at times turn into a nightmare of each resisting what the other wants them to do!

Arched eyebrows: Brows that look like upside-down V’s indicate that person will be quick to react. They can be spontaneous, which is lovely, but they also may be too impulsive at times. When upset, they’re often emotionally reactive – if you say something to upset them, they can immediately bristle or challenge you. At the extreme, they can be very excitable emotionally, and that can make for fireworks in a relationship, in good ways but also bad!

Nose bump: A nose that has a boney bump on the bridge (usually about 1/4 to 1/3 from the top of the nose) signifies the potential to be quite controlling. It usually derives from a very high level of personal sensitivity, which makes this person more aware of little details than other people, and more bothered if something is “off.”

It can be a real challenge to move through life seeing all the little mistakes others have made and missed. So the result often is this person feels a need to make sure the mistakes don’t happen, out of a desire to prevent stress to their own system! This can mean they always seem to be butting in to tell you how to do something, or you get the feeling they never trust you to do anything right. Put two people with nose bumps together in relationship and you can have two controllers driving each other crazy!

Visible nostrils: One way the more superstitious form of Chinese face reading refers to the nose is as “the moneybox.” They say that the nostrils show how easily a person spends money. If you ever look at someone straight on at eye level (not looking up at them or down at them) and you can see directly into their nostrils, this means they spend money easily. Though this may sound a bit farfetched, I do find this tends to be true! So if you have two people in relationship who both have visible nostrils, there’s a better chance they’ll love to spend and will end up with money problems, certainly not the most optimistic trend if you’re hoping for a successful partnering.

Round face: People with round faces often excel in really enjoying all the pleasures of life here on earth. They love the company of family and friends, wonderful meals together, a cozy and comfy home, and relaxing on a big cushy couch with their feet up. They’re not much inclined toward exercise, and so if you put two of these people together, you’ll find they tend to influence each other – to just cuddle together in front of the TV, snacks in hand, and over time, put on weight. They may actually have a good relationship in certain ways because they can get in the same rut together, but worst case, can develop health problems due to poor diet choices and lack of exercise.

It’s definitely important to understand what messages your date’s face reveals, but maybe you should beware if they look too much like you!