Align with the season…

Align with the season…

Look out the window – Nature’s trying to tell you something.

It’s more than the message that autumn is the time to prepare your garden for the winter, to bring out the sweaters from storage, or to change your diet to hearty warming stews.

You knew all that already.

There’s another way you’re meant to align your life with the season.

It’s also time to synchronize with autumn emotionally, using nature as your guide.


As you watch the leaves fall, think of all the energy in the trees that it took to make them, and the qi from the soil, the sun, the wind and the rain.

This can help you reflect on what’s happened this year that you’ve put energy into, as well as all your past history that has brought you to this place in your life.

As the leaves lie on the ground, they slowly break down and enrich the soil, but for a while they are yucky and slimy before they disappear into the ground.


So in this phase, you may also go through some yucky stuff – recalling any difficult experiences during the past year – with some uncomfortable feelings as a result of those experiences.

If you’re willing to process those memories and feelings, they break down just like the leaves do, to enrich you.

If you do this work, you come to some realizations about how you’ve grown, how you’re being transformed into an even better version of yourself.

As you move into this later stage of autumn, are there any difficult places within you, painful memories, or unwelcome feelings that you can turn your attention to, so that they can break down, and disintegrate?

This is not something you do in an hour or two – It happens over time, just like in nature.


As you approach winter, you can tap into the energy it brings, which is trusting the process.

You know that as the plants break down through the fall and winter, this replenishes the soil, to bring vitality to the new life sprouting in the spring.

So you can trust that allowing your feelings and working through them over time is exactly what will free you and enrich you for the most powerful new growth next spring.

This guidance comes from Chinese medicine, an ancient science based on thousands of years of study of the patterns of nature.

Human beings are part of nature too! If we align with these patterns, then our own personal seasons can unfold with ease.

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