Anger as a Spiritual Force

Anger as a Spiritual Force

We’re going through a powerful passage in the US. Now, finally, there are so many voices joining together to speak up, to affirm we simply will never again allow another human being to be mistreated.

I truly believe we’re entering a very different future. But we must stand firm in our dedication to do the right thing, and keep this change alive and growing.

Over the past many days, I’ve turned to what I’ve learned in over 30 years of studying how energy moves / how change happens, in order to understand how I can best support this important transformation.

The spiritual side of Chinese medicine teaches that anger can be a healthy force for change. Anger is the emotion that rises inside us when we see something we know is wrong and we want to change it.

Then anger translates into drive, the feeling that motivates us to take action, to right the wrong, and bring positive change to the situation.

In that case, anger acts like a booster rocket, to get us going, and then it falls away once it’s done its job – when the change has been made, so anger isn’t needed anymore.

In Chinese medicine, the sound of anger is described as “thunder” and in personal behavior as a “shout.” This is why we feel compelled to speak up when we see something wrong, why we yell when we’re angry.

But when wrong actions continue for years, and decades, and centuries, and there is no positive change, we as a people and as a culture all have to stand up together and “shout” – And that’s what we’ve been seeing happen in the US in recent days.

Healthy anger doesn’t lead to violence. Healthy anger is when we speak up, take a stand and don’t back down.

When it comes to changing a culture that’s mistreated a huge portion of its people for so long, it takes all of us joining together, using our anger as a spiritual force to create a breakthrough.

In the cycle of how energy moves, when anger is effective in creating change, the next emotions that rise inside us are joy and expansive love, and we already see that beginning to happen around us even now.

But we’re not done yet with this stage of healthy anger, and so I want to “speak up” in this message to declare my commitment to this positive change, standing firm for what we all know is right, that we should never allow any human being – or any living being – to be mistreated in any way.

The loving and inclusive culture that can emerge from these times is within our power to create! I hope you’ll hold that vision with me as you take action in the ways that feel right to you.

6 thoughts on “Anger as a Spiritual Force”

  1. Thank you Jean! It’s helpful to get a spiritual inside on the importance and benefit of anger and how to use it well. Because we need our anger so much now and se need to trust and value it. But we never learned how…
    Greetings to all from the Netherlands

  2. Jean, thank you for speaking up in your beautiful and eloquent way!! I love your calm & positive perspective from Chinese medicine. As a black person, it feels so wonderful to have people from all races pulling together for fairness and human dignity. Much love to all…

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