Are You a Highly Sensitive Person – Type One?

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person – Type One?

I’m definitely seeing a growing awareness in our culture about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

There are those of us who are naturally sensitive, but many other people are also becoming that way as they do personal growth work and expand their awareness.

There can be enormous benefits to being an HSP, but unfortunately, most sensitive people struggle with the challenges of this experience all their lives.

It can be incredibly difficult to walk through the world in this way.

There’s actually more than one kind of Highly Sensitive Person but most books and articles lump them all together.

So you can get confused by their descriptions and not learn what you need to in order to transform what has been a challenge into a true power.

Let’s look at the first type of HSP. You are probably this type if:

  • You’ve often felt judged by others as anxious, introverted, or stand-offish.
  • You’ve had the experience of entering a room and just wanting to turn around and leave because it didn’t feel right – but you couldn’t explain why.
  • You’ve been told you’re too sensitive, picky or fussy.
  • The feel of fabrics on your skin is important to you.
  • You plan things far in advance, or rehearse situations in your mind, or you can anticipate future problems better than most people.
  • Crowded parties or shopping malls can feel overwhelming for you.
  • It can be physically painful for you to see or even hear about a person or animal suffering.
  • You notice details other people completely miss.
  • You have allergies, or food or environmental sensitivities.
  • You often go back through your work to double or triple check for mistakes, or work longer hours than everyone else.
  • You tend to breathe too shallowly.
  • You feel you’re far more self-critical or perfectionistic than other people.
  • You have a tendency toward lower digestive problems or health issues with the lungs, like bronchitis or asthma.
  • You crave alone-time at the end of each day.

Type One: The “Physical Empath”

If you said “yes” to two or more of the qualities listed above, it’s very likely you’re the type of Highly Sensitive Person that I call the Physical Empath.

This means you’re extremely empathic and you can be physically affected by the energy of the people and places around you. You can be like a sponge, soaking up that energy – You feel SO much!

It can be exhausting to be this kind of HSP, and you can easily get depleted just by having to cope every day, with the invisible energy that no one else is even aware of.

But there ARE ways to change this and claim the positive power of your sensitivity.

This is the gift that Chinese medicine gives us through the less well known aspects of its spiritual side. Chinese face and birth date reading reveals patterns that explain WHY you have the kind of sensitivity you do and what you can do to transform it from a problem into a power.

This is what you learn in the Discover Your Inner Design workshop, and this April is the LAST time I’ll teach it as an all in one course so you can get everything you need to understand your true nature and how to change your life.

If you can relate to being a physical empath – or perhaps you know you’re a different type of HSP – I’d love to meet you at the workshop and show you how to live successfully with your sensitivity.

And if you can’t make it in April, there’s another approach to learning to walk through the world as a highly sensitive person!

You can learn to clear your energy, and the energy of the people and places around you in these two powerful private trainings:

Clear Home, Clear Heart Retreat – Northern California – July 23-28

Clear Home, Clear Heart Retreat – Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA – Aug 6-11

In future blog posts, I’ll talk about the other types of Highly Sensitive People – If you didn’t recognize yourself this time, stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Are You a Highly Sensitive Person – Type One?”

  1. Where and when are you teaching the class in April? I answered “yes” to all the questions as a type one HSP.

  2. Good Day Jean, May you receive constant blessings from the Divine Architect… What are the most appropriate energy stones to wear as pendants in order to protect me from negative energy of people and places around me ? I am the first type of HSP, metal element. DOB: 11/08/1981. Thank you dearly.

    1. Thanks for your message, Rashid. Your birth date shows you have more than one kind of sensitivity to deal with so I understand your desire for “protection.” But there’s actually no need to buy objects in an attempt to achieve this. My new book will be published early next year and hopefully will help you!

  3. Bonnie Alexander

    It feels like I am a physical HSP. I also feel I take many steps and know how to stay in balance or get back to balance when I feel overtaxed or adversely affected by people, food, or environment.

  4. Thank you Jean. I have benign one of your sessions in I Can Do It years ago. This answers so many question about myself. I am a type one for sure. I answered every question yes. Have been this way since i was a child. I love your information and wish I could get to you but live in south georgia, a long way away. Love and Blessings to you. You are so special.

  5. I too relate to a majority of traits for an HSP. I’m currently registered with your online class “Discover Your Inner Design”. This is all new for me but I don’t sense I need protection for being who I am.

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