Are You a Highly Sensitive Person – Type Two?

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person – Type Two?

Today I’m writing about being the second type of “Highly Sensitive Person”…

(See my previous post to find out about the first type.)

Most books and articles lump all types of sensitivity into one description and so you can end up confused.

Or worse, it can make you feel bad about yourself because when you try to use the advice they offer, it doesn’t work for you – and you assume it’s your fault!

If you feel you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP), you may find it hard to be you in the world.

And you can too often be misjudged by others or think you’re the only one who feels this way.

It’s SO important for you to know you’re not alone!

And if this is you, it’s even more important for you to know that what may have been a lifelong difficulty can be transformed into your greatest power.

Let’s see if you’re the second type of HSP. You probably are if: 

  • You’re interested in so many things it’s impossible to pick just one.
  • You’ve been told you’re too emotional.
  • It’s not unusual for you to think of someone right before they call, text or email you.
  • You feel Life is full of miracles and wonder why others can’t see that.
  • You sometimes feel like you have trouble paying attention to one thing for very long.
  • At times you feel overwhelmed by your love for the world.
  • You’re fascinated by the concept that there are unseen angels around us.
  • You use a lot of exclamation points when you email people!!!
  • If someone in the room becomes emotional, you can’t help it – your feelings overflow too.
  • You often base a decision on a flash of inspiration rather than logical analysis.
  • You can easily cry at movies or performances or even when you watch a parade.
  • You can too easily perceive something as a personal rejection when it actually wasn’t.
  • You can multi-task to the point that you get scattered or have trouble finishing projects.
  • You have a tendency to be nervous, or have had a rapid heartbeat, or even anxiety or panic attacks.
  • If you’re a parent, you get choked up or tears come to your eyes when you talk about your child.

Type Two: The “Emotional Empath”

If you said “yes” to two or more of the qualities listed above, it’s likely that you’re the type of Highly Sensitive Person that I call the “Emotional Empath.”

This means that you’re highly empathic and can be emotionally affected by the thoughts and feelings of the people around you.

You can be buffeted by emotions on and off throughout your day without being aware that some of these feelings aren’t yours – You soaked them in from other people!

This type of HSP is often psychic or at the very least, may struggle with their psychic boundaries. In other words, thoughts or emotions can instantly flash in their mind, but some of these are psychically picked up from the people around them.

If this is you, it can be so difficult to cope with this way of being and it’s easy to feel knocked off balance with everything you’re feeling.

And you can feel truly hurt if others criticize you as being overly-emotional or erratic when in fact, they just don’t understand your experience.

But there ARE ways to transform this experience into a true power for the rest of your life!

This is the gift that Chinese medicine gives us, through the less well known aspects of its spiritual side.

Face and birth date reading reveals patterns that explain why you are this way and what you can do to move beyond all your challenges with your sensitivity.

This is what you learn in the Discover Your Inner Design workshop So if you can relate to being an emotional empath – or perhaps you know you’re a different type – I’d love to show you how to develop your boundaries so you can live joyfully with your sensitivity!

And if you can’t make it in April, don’t forget about the two retreats this summer that teach you how to clear the energy of people and places and manage your energetic boundaries:

Clear Home, Clear Heart Retreat – Northern California – July 23-28

Clear Home, Clear Heart Retreat – Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA – Aug 6-11

In a future blog post, I’ll talk about another type of HSP, so if you haven’t yet recognized yourself, stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “Are You a Highly Sensitive Person – Type Two?”

  1. Is it possible to be both kinds of HSP? I felt for sure I was type 1, and now I feel like a type 2 also. Thanks Jean! Also, will you ever offer these courses online or write a book on these subjects you teach in your workshops? Thanks again.

  2. I’m definitely both type one and two. I’m also one with Aspergers so my sensitivities are sensory as well as empathic. I also experience visions, see spirits and occasionally experience prophetic dreams. So exhausted ~ lol.

    1. Thank you, Loretta – Yes, Asbergers is often included in the Type One Sensitive. It CAN become a cohesive and peaceful experience so it doesn’t exhaust you. Much love to you across the miles.

      1. I’m an Aspie, too! And one who related both to the Physical Empath & the Emotional Empath. And I mean, not just one or two, but almost all of the traits!

  3. Yes, yes to being both, but I’d say this one is the major and the other is the minor.
    With this one particularly…. there is definitely a struggle to ‘fit in’ in mainstream society. I hope this is addressed in the book, as the repercussions of NOT understanding how very okay it is to be this way, can be tragic.
    Which book, Jean, is the one that discusses these traits?
    There is no way we can make your seminars/classes.. although it would be truly blessed if we ever could.

    1. Thank you, Judy and yes, you’re right that it’s so important to make others more aware of what it’s like to be an HSP! I talk about this in many ways in all of my books.

  4. I do believe I am both types of a HSP. I feel things before they happen. Scary at times.

  5. Bonnie Alexander

    I also feel I am both type 1 and type 2 HSP. I often know who’s calling when the phone rings. Sometimes I get over-emotional and other feelings.

  6. So interesting! I too have multiple traits for both HSP types 1 and 2. I’m reading earlier comments about HSP related Aspergers and wondering if maybe I’ve not recognized the condition in myself. I know I’m empathic for sure. Birthdate is 5/28/48.

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