Are You Sensitive to the Energy of People and Places?

Are You Sensitive to the Energy of People and Places?

Alex was already very spiritual even by age 16. He’d recently started waking up an hour earlier each day so he could meditate and do yoga in his room before breakfast.

But he felt something was really wrong with him.

Every morning, when he finished his hour of meditation and yoga, he felt wonderful – clear, in balance, and full of joy.

He’d then head out his bedroom door and down a long hallway, through the house to the kitchen, where his mother had breakfast waiting.

But by the time he sat down at the kitchen table, all the joy was melting away. He started to feel heavy and tired.

And so upset with himself! What was wrong with him that he couldn’t hold that great energy for more than 5 minutes? 

There was nothing wrong with Alex…

But that’s not what was going on. It was that as he left his bedroom, and walked down that long narrow hallway on to the other end of the house, he was leaving the clear energy he’d created in his room, and immersing himself in the energy of the rest of the house.

With each step, he was more and more affected by the invisible energy held in the house – of his father’s stress, his mother’s worries, his sister’s teenage drama, his older brother’s depression.

There was nothing wrong with Alex that made him unable to maintain the lovely state of mind he reached in his room each morning.

It was just that he was sensitive to the heavy residue of energy that filled the rest of the house.

Every time we have a thought or feeling, especially if it’s a stressed one, it doesn’t just evaporate into nothing. It’s like you make a little deposit of that feeling into your environment.

And over time, these deposits of stress can build up in thick layers that affect you every time you’re in the space.

Stressed areas in your home?

For example, if you feel a moment of anxiety as you approach your front door to leave each day, worrying if you’ve forgotten anything or nervous about what the day will bring, you leave a little of that stressed feeling in that spot.

And if, when you come back through the front door each night, you heave a big sigh of exhaustion and offload the stress from the day; that also makes a little deposit in that same area.

Over time, this accumulates and compounds, so as you leave and come home and walk through that space, you’re affected by the pattern of energy that’s held there. This can tire you out when you don’t need any more reasons to be tired!

We’re all sensitive to energy

If you’ve ever walked into a room where there’s just been an argument, and felt like the atmosphere was so thick you could cut it with a knife – this is the same kind of thing.

Or have you ever walked into a room and it just didn’t feel right? You wanted to turn around and leave but you couldn’t explain why?

Have you ever considered that one of the reasons you may feel so tired out after a trip to the shopping mall or a day at the office is because your system is worn out from having to deal with the energy of all those people around you!

We’re all far more affected than we realize by the subtle energy of the people we live and work with, and the environments we move through.

For the most part, we’re unaware of this happening. We just experience the negative results – and it’s not only tiredness.

Each time you move through an area that holds the energy of a certain feeling, it’s likely you’ll click into it again…and this can keep you locked into having the same thoughts and feelings over and over. Which then keeps you stuck in life overall.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Yes, you can be affected by the energy of the people and places around you. But you can also learn to clear that energy, so it no longer stresses you or keeps you stuck.

I was like Alex – times 1,000

I have lots of personal experience with this. In my early life, I was just like Alex – only times 1,000.

I was an energy sponge – pretty much overwhelmed all the time. I didn’t know how to manage my energetic boundaries – I had no way to not be affected by the energy around me, let alone clear it!

I spent many years studying different ways to try deal with this. I learned various systems of energy work, but most of them taught such a limited, superficial understanding of energy, they only had minimal results.

But after 20 years, what I developed as a result of this journey was a very simple, elegant and refined way of clearing stressed energy – from a person or a place – in a compassionate and honoring way.

It revolutionized my life and it revolutionized my work.

Alex did great!

Alex came to a clearing workshop when he was 20 and went on to develop a business doing clearing. He said he wishes he could send a message back to his teenage self, to let him know things would all work out. But frankly, I’m so amazed at how early in life he discovered clearing, and how many years of anguish he saved himself in the process!

If you’re a highly-sensitive person – or a healer or energy worker – or if you want to move through life as a loving presence who changes the energy around you – I’d love to invite you to the Clear Home, Clear Heart retreat at the Omega Institute this August.

You can learn to clear yourself, other people and all the spaces you inhabit, and move beyond limitations you might not even know existed – I’d love to meet you in August and show you how.

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  1. This sounds amazing. I would love for you to come teach this in Saskatchewan, Canada in the beautiful Quapelle Valley this year. Any possibilities of this? We all love you and bless your work.

    1. Thank you, Evelyne – It sounds so beautiful there! Deep bow and much gratitude for your loving support.

  2. I so agree Evelyne! I also live in Saskatchewan near Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is a beautiful place rich with people who believe in your work. We would love to have you!

  3. I cannot think of a better gift to give yourself and those around you. Jean, your work is wonderful!

  4. I agree your work is amazing. Please consider coming to Canada to teach your clearing course. I live in Alberta:-)

  5. I agree I absolutely love what you do. I live in Alberta. Any chance you’ll come to Canada to do a clearing course:-)

    1. Thank you, Donna, no plans any time soon to come to Canada – I’ll have to entice Canadians to come to me a while longer, lol!

  6. Another vote for you to come to Canada:):) I would love to learn this skill!! thank-you for all of your work. i love your radio show and books:):) See you soon!!

  7. Any chance you can offer a clearing workshop in Seattle? I think it would make a huge difference in my life. At age 67, I’ve had a lifetime of energy issues.

    1. Thank you, Susan! I’ll be in Seattle to teach the “Discover Your Inner Design” workshop in Oct, 2015, but there won’t be any trainings in clearing there any time this year or next.

  8. Here’s another vote for Canada! Edmonton, Alberta to be more specific. Please consider coming to Alberta.

    1. Thank you, Sherry! We’ll have to look into chartering a plane for all you beautiful Canadians! (grin) No plans to be in Canada any time soon, sorry!

  9. Ruwan, Melbourne Australia

    Jean, I really appreciate these wonderful insights you have to share. I learn a lot from them. A big thank you! Ruwan

    1. Thank you, Ruwan, for helping to build the conversation about being successfully sensitive…

  10. I am highly sensitive person and so affected by other people’s energy. I would love to learn but not able to go to omega in august. Your links don’t open for some reason. both audio and flyer… Is there any other way to learn?

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