“Beautiful Old People are Works of Art”

“Beautiful Old People are Works of Art”

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Click here to a fascinating study of how faces aged.

These faces are still all loveable, but in many, you can see the results of a lifetime of being locked into repeating patterns of thought and feeling…

I think one of the reasons most people are afraid of aging is that they see how negative the old faces around them appear. Your face reflects the story you’re telling yourself, and for many people, that story is increasingly negative as they age.

Disappointments build upon hurts build upon resentments over the decades and lock us even more firmly into an unhappy way of being. And our faces broadcast that information to the world, which then brings us more of the same.

The beauty of face reading is that it can show you the story you’ve been telling yourself that may not be serving you well. And not only that – it can show you exactly what small changes in attitude that you can make in your everyday life – to forever and always turn that story into a positive and life-enhancing one.

I always get astonished emails from people in the weeks following a workshop, telling me their faces had changed! That wrinkle, or downturned mouth, or sagging under eyes had disappeared or softened.

When they learned the meaning of a certain aspect of their face, of how it reflected one of their “stuck places” emotionally, they were able to finally make small shifts in their thoughts that changed their story to a more positive one.

I’m hoping our next generation of old faces will show the results of more conscious aging, not having held on to disappointments or negativity over the years, but instead show the process of each of us growing into our own personal work of art!