The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face

The Wisdom of Your Child's FacePeople joke that your child doesn’t come with a user’s manual, but they’re wrong. It’s written in their face and all you have to do is learn to read it. The secrets of your child’s inner nature and personal potential are eloquently inscribed in the curve of their cheeks, the shape of their eyes, the contour of their brows, the unique language of their original design.

Chinese face reading is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine which teaches that each child is born with a personal blueprint that is theirs and theirs alone, and that this inner architecture can be read in the features of their face.

When you can read your child’s face, you can discover their true nature. You can understand their special gifts, know what their personal challenges will be, and see how to guide them in a way that is perfect for their unique needs.

You’ll be able to recognize what they need from you in order to feel safe and loved; and you’ll be empowered as a parent to raise them with less stress, more joy, and the confidence that you’re helping them fulfill their special purpose in the world!

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How can this book help you?

  • Discover your child’s personality type
  • Recognize your child’s best learning style for their success at school
  • Learn the most effective method of discipline for your child
  • How to spot the highly-sensitive child
  • Clues to potential behavior problems and how to cope
  • Understand how your child perceives you and the world
  • Find out what your child needs to feel happy, supported and totally loved
  • Cleft chin? Sticking-out ears? Large eyes? – every feature has a message for you about who your child is inside!

This book is a fascinating and rich new source of clarity and compassion, and offers effective, practical ways to support your child with more confidence and ease. The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face is a must-have addition to your home library – and a great gift for anyone who has a child in their life.

Jean-HanerA message from author Jean Haner: “Research shows that the greatest predictor of success in life for your child is not how much praise you give them, or even how many times you say ‘I love you,’ though of course that certainly matters!

“In fact, the single most powerful predictor of happiness and success in life is how much your child feels recognized and understood by you. And sometimes that’s not so easy – to know why your child is really feeling the way they are, or the true reason for their behavior, to understand who your child really is inside.

“I’m a parent – and I learned very quickly that my son was not just a miniature replica of me! He had his own personality, his own temperament, and his own inner world, which I was always working to understand better.

The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face shows you the meaning of each feature on your child’s face and gives you amazing insights into the natural wisdom of their own inner design.

childs-face-2“You can compare it to working with a blueprint – If you’re building a house, you’d of course consult the blueprint, to know where to put the walls and doors, where to place the electrical and plumbing systems! If you follow the blueprint, the house will function well and stand strong for a very long time.

“It’s the same with a child – if you have access to their blueprint, you can help them create a life in alignment with that plan, so they can grow into the most successful, open-hearted and authentic expression of their true self!

“As I worked on this book, I interviewed both parents and children, and when I talked with the adults, my last question would always be ‘If you could send a message back in time to your own parents, about the best way to raise you, what would it be?’childs-face-1

“And time and time again, I’d get some version of this reply: ‘I just wish they’d trusted who I really was.’

This is the purpose of my book – to empower you to know who your child really is inside and how to make them feel totally recognized, and totally loved.

“It can be fun to play with face reading and you’ll probably get some ‘aha!’ moments of your own! (And to really understand who you are as a parent or grandparent, read my first book The Wisdom of Your Face – Change Your Life with Chinese Face Reading!)

hayPraise for The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face!

“Jean Haner’s first book, The Wisdom of Your Face, opened up a whole new world for me. It taught me that the face has a fascinating story to tell if you learn how to read it. Jean’s new book, The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, is an invaluable gift for parents and grandparents who want to better understand their children.”

Louise L. Hay,  the New York Times best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life


Photo of Christiane NorthrupThe Wisdom of Your Child’s Face is completely fascinating. As a longtime fan of both feng shui and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), I certainly appreciate the practical wisdom in these pages.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D., the New York Times best-selling author of The Secret Pleasures of Menopause and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]