Your Hidden Symmetry

Jean’s comprehensive step-by-step new book helps you discover your inner design!

Your Hidden Symmetry –
How Your Birth Date Reveals the Plan for Your Life

by Jean Haner

*Includes Affirmations by Louise Hay!

On the day you were born, you were imprinted with a plan and a purpose – Your birth date has elegant patterns that reveal who you really are and what your true calling is.

And at the same time, the map for your entire journey was formed – each year of your life with a meaning and message that can help you ride the waves instead of fight the current.

YHS-coverThere is a design concealed in your birth date that reveals your inner nature, what you came here to learn, how you can find happiness, and what your life purpose is meant to be.

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My work is often called “acupuncture for your spirit” because I use the map Chinese medicine developed of the human system, but not for physical health issues. Instead, I use it to discover your inner spirit, the unique nature of who you really are inside.There is also a certain design to how you move through time, a map for your life experience. When you know where you are in the cycles, you can be in the right place at the right time, and life can unfold almost effortlessly.

When you can relax into the truth of who you are, you can move beyond your stuck places to become the joyful, confident and compassionate person you were meant to be!

How can this book help you?

  • Discover the map of your inner design.
  • Find your true calling and how you can achieve it.
  • Get a deep understanding of everyone in your life.
  • Use affirmations personally designed by Louise Hay to support your true nature.
  • Advise, help or coach family, friends, and clients.
  • See the ways you’ve navigated off-course in life and how to get back on track.
  • Time important decisions and anticipate what’s coming in the future.
  • Discover new career directions that match your personal potential.
  • Find healthy, loving relationships or deepen the ones you already have.
  • Learn the theme of each year of your life, so you can make best use of the time.
  • Finally move beyond old limiting patterns in life – Break free of your story.
  • Know how to create a life that honors your unique inner spirit, the life you really deserve.


Praise for Your Hidden Symmetry!

“The wisdom Jean Haner presents in Your Hidden Symmetry has been valuable in my own life over the years. I highly recommend it as a way to love and accept yourself, as well as the way your life is unfolding. I’m delighted to contribute the affirmations in his book to support your journey!”
Louise L. Hay, the New York Times best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life

Your Hidden Symmetry will help you to know yourself, accept yourself, and be true to who you really are. Jean Haner presents an ancient wisdom for living an authentic life. Her work is a gift to the world.”
Robert Holden, Ph.D., author of Shift Happens! and Loveability

“With grace and wisdom born of an innate understanding of the human spirit, Jean will gently guide you down the path to profound self-understanding in this heartfelt book. Highly recommended!
— Denise Linn, author of Soul Coaching and Sacred Space

In Your Hidden Symmetry, Jean Haner draws on a little-known but powerful ancient knowledge to provide readers with invaluable clues to an authentic, rich, and meaningful life. Combined with the timeless insights of Louise Hay’s affirmations, the book will be an inspiring and unique addition to any seeker’s library.”
— Lorie Dechar, author of Five Spirits

About Jean

Jean HanerJean Haner, the author of The Wisdom of Your Face, The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, and Your Hidden Symmetry teaches compassionate and affirming ways for people to understand their true nature and to feel love for everyone in their lives, including that reflection in the mirror.

Jean married into a Chinese family when she was in her 20s, and began to learn about Chinese culture, philosophy and medicine from her very traditional mother-in-law. It wasn’t until after her wedding that she discovered the family had her face and birth date evaluated to see if she was a “lucky” match for her husband, and that even the date and time of the ceremony had been determined according to what would bring the most luck for the family.

She went on to study the deeper foundations of these ancient principles of balance and health with many teachers over the years, and learned that it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with learning to be true to your nature.

Jean is well known for providing fascinating and practical information that can be put to immediate use to help you finally feel comfortable in your own skin, to create the joyful life you truly deserve, and to be a loving presence in the world.