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What is Clearing?

Energy clearing is a gentle but powerful way to release old stress you’re still carrying from your life history, as well as transform how you’re affected by the energy of the people around you each day.

Clearing releases blocks in your energy system, so you can reclaim your vitality and joy, create new possibilities in life, and feel connected to your sacred sense of purpose.

People often report feeling immediate shifts during a clearing, and that significant change continues to unfold in their lives in the days and weeks afterwards.

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Energy Fields

This cloud is made up of 2 kinds of energy:

  • Old stress, pain or tension you’re still carrying from your past history – any difficult experiences you’ve          not yet been able to fully recover from. 
  • Negative energy you’ve absorbed from the world around you – whether it’s from stressed co-workers or        family members, or even people from your past.

This energy in this cloud can make you feel weighed down or stuck in life. It can obscure your view, to limit your choices, and it can also affect how fully other people can open their hearts to you.

But this is really a living field of energy that can be cleared, to gracefully bring balance and vitality back, so you can claim the loving, joyful life you truly deserve! 

You can learn to clear any lingering energy from your past history, release current stress, and stop being a sponge, so you’re no longer affected by the energy around you.

You are a radiant being!
Join teacher Melanie Mattison to clear the way for your light to shine through.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Discover easy ways to clear stress the moment you feel it.
  • Lose the tension you’ve been holding around past experiences.
  • Become an empowered empath! Create healthy energetic boundaries and no longer soak in                            energy from other people.
  • Learn how to release stress for others – Use clearing in your work; become a healing presence                        in the world.
  • Open new possibilities for moving beyond your stuck places in life, such as issues with money, body              confidence, finding your true purpose, or old emotional patterns that have been resistant to change.
  • Develop and deepen your intuition and energy-sensing skills.
  • Support greater health and improved vitality.
  • Your results will continue to expand and grow even after the training is over.
  • And each weekly webinar in this course includes an energy clearing for YOU!

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This workshop is for you if you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions:

  • You’re an empath who wants to have strong, healthy boundaries with the energy of other people so              you’re no longer a sponge or too easily feel overwhelmed. 
  • You feel you’re still carrying old energy from your life history and want to break free. 
  • You’re interested in intuition, healing or subtle energy but believe you’re not “a natural” or can’t sense            or feel anything. This course gives you the ability to work with energy and still be yourself! 
  • You already have a sophisticated understanding of subtle energy and want to take your work to the                next level. Many call clearing the most highly refined and heart-based way to work with energy. 

When your energy field is in balance, life can unfold almost effortlessly. You find the people who love you in healthy ways; you discover the work that makes your heart sing, and you feel at ease within your own spirit.

You can learn to clear your own energy,
and the energy of other people, even at a distance!

Clearing is a fascinating and fun experience! You can clear someone’s energy even if you’re not in the same room with them because it does not involve any touch or hands-on work. 

No matter where someone is in the world, you can do an energy clearing for them!

And no matter where you are, you can do a clearing for yourself any time you need to.

You need no prior experience to learn clearing and you can use it in all aspects of your personal and professional life. 

(NOTE: This workshop teaches you how to clear people and all living beings such as animals and plants, but not how to clear spaces such as your home and office.)

This class is also the first step if you want to be a certified clearing practitioner. Click here to learn more about the Clear Heart Certification Training Program!


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Clear Heart Workshop – Learn to Do Energy Clearing!

with Clear Heart Teacher Melanie Mattison

Seven Webinars plus Seven Optional Mentoring Sessions

July 15 – August 26, 2021 All Online! 

In this workshop, you’ll learn simple, elegant ways to clear your own energy and the energy of other people and any living being such as animals and plants.

You’ll also receive an energy clearing every week, to help bring more ease and balance to your own life, and allow you to move forward with confidence and joy.

Each week includes a 90-minute webinar that trains you in clearing, plus a free 60-minute group mentoring session a few days later, to help answer your questions and deepen your understanding. (Attending the mentoring session is optional; not required.)

This workshop requires you to use a pendulum. You can find pendulums on our website by clicking here and then on “Dowsing Supplies” or you can find them available through other online sources as well.

Schedule: This course includes 7 Webinars from July 15 – August 26, 2021.

Webinars are on Thursdays, 1 pm Pacific / 3 pm Central / 4 pm Eastern Time (US), July 15, 22, 29, and Aug 5, 12, 19, & 26. 

Each webinar is approximately 90 minutes in length, and takes place on Zoom.

You do not have to attend live; everyone receives the replays to download and keep.

Optional: As a free bonus, you can also attend 7 group mentoring sessions during the course!

Group mentoring sessions are on Mondays at 1 pm Pacific / 3 pm Central / 4 pm Eastern Time (US), July 19, 26, and Aug 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.

Each session is approximately 60 minutes in length and takes place on Zoom.

Attendance at these sessions is optional; not required. Everyone receives the replays to download and keep.

Clear Heart Workshop July 15 – Aug 26: Tuition $297

Terms & Conditions: A non-refundable $50 deposit is included in the tuition. Cancellations received by 7/23/21 are refunded, less the $50 nonrefundable deposit. Cancellations received after 7/23/21 are not refunded.


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Clear Heart Workshop July 15 – August 26: Tuition $297


Melanie Mattison is an educator and certified Clear Heart practitioner who has a foundational belief in self-care and living from one’s authentic strengths, talents, and abilities. 

With the heart of a teacher, Melanie wants everyone she works with to feel heard, and she brings this same passion and dedication to her teaching of energy clearing. 

Melanie’s in-depth knowledge, compassion, and humor will guide you through the steps necessary to successfully learn personal energy clearing and to benefit from this subtle yet powerful way of transforming energy for the rest of your life!

Melanie has been personally trained by author Jean Haner to teach energy clearing. Click on the play button below to watch a 3 minute video of Melanie and her experience with clearing!



Jean HanerJean Haner is the author of the book, Clear Home Clear Heart, and she has personally trained Melanie Mattison to teach energy clearing professionally. 

Melanie brings a wealth of experience with clearing plus an amazing natural teaching ability to you in this workshop. Her kindness, patience, and lightheartedness create the perfect environment for you to easily learn and use clearing in all aspects of your life!”

Here’s what others have to say about why you should attend the Clear Heart workshop!

Learning clearing has positively altered the course of my life – so much that one of the things I’m most grateful for in my life is that I encountered this clearing work, no exaggeration here.

The things I’ve learned and the people I’ve come to know through this workshop had a huge influence on the transformation I experienced from going from a highly, highly sensitive person who used to suffer so much from just about all the energy around me to someone who cannot wait to experience all the forms of energy that the world has to offer each day.

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Go because if you’re feeling stuck, this is the best way I know to unstuck yourself.

Don’t second-guess the universe here; there’s a reason you are reading this. And, if you’re at a crossroads I can tell you first hand there’s no better place I know than this workshop.

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Go because your future self will thank you and your life will began to shift in ways you really cannot even imagine if – you allow it and go to a workshop!!

Go because there’s absolutely nothing that can compare to  learning, connecting and sharing the journey with people who are at your level of learning!

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 I always had an excuse why I couldn’t go…money, time, responsibilities…you name it. I could find a reason not to go.

When I finally took a workshop, I realized I had been holding back because I did not think I was worth it, to spend the time, money, etc on me. This workshop taught me how to open up and accept and love myself.

With all the clearings you receive during a course, it brings a new level of understanding. And as soon as you sign up for a class your life starts to shift.

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This class really has effortlessly changed a lot of things in my life, released blocks to my success that I didn’t even know were there, and I have made so much more money in my business since being clearer & now.

I plan on my husband taking this workshop so he can experience it for himself because he has appreciated the shifts and he gets it!

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As many people have said; you will leave a changed person for the better. The personal growth will continue long after the workshop with a group of people who work with energy as you have learned; sharing with them is priceless.

I was totally blessed by attending a workshop. The insight and confidence it built within me to trust the process was well worth the time and investment.

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I learned more about my own intuitive gifts by watching others share theirs. It really is amazing…looking forward to attending more events in the future.

I would encourage anyone to attend this course, as we receive lots of clearings, we can ask all the questions we have and we go deep into this work properly. It’s a skill we will benefit from the rest of our life plus all the friends and like-minded people we connect with! Go, go, go!!

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Take the journey. Your future self will thank you and thank you and thank you – for the rest of your life!

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Clear the way for what you really want! This workshop can change your life forever. 

You have a personal field of energy that is unique to you, and which influences the experiences you have, and how you respond to those experiences.

This field also affects the people in your life and how fully they can open their hearts to you.

When this energy field is in balance, life can unfold almost effortlessly. You find the people who love you in healthy ways; you discover the work that makes your heart sing, and you feel at ease within your own spirit.

However, in the course of your life, you naturally encounter difficult experiences, and these can cause your energy field to wobble, weaken and fall out of balance.

If your field doesn’t recover its vitality due to repeated struggles, this can create blocks in how your energy flows, and you may eventually come to feel stuck in life, or sense that things just aren’t right but you don’t know why.

But this is really a living field of energy that can be worked with to gracefully bring balance and vitality back, so you can reclaim the loving, joyful life you deserve!

Click here to find out more about energy clearing!