Coaching with Jean Haner 

Jean-Haner-coaching-with-JeanJean works with a select number of clients to coach them for personal change and professional success.

Because her work with you follows the map of your unique inner design, and not some one-size-fits-all coaching “system,” it often takes only one session to help you find new ways to navigate a situation, solve a problem or make a decision, as well as how to move beyond your stuck places and achieve your goals.

In your session, Jean also includes energy clearing to support you moving forward in the easiest way possible, releasing stress and bringing clarity and balance back to your life.

These combined resources give you the most comprehensive and powerful support both personally and professionally.

Your time with Jean can help you in all aspects of life – to grow your business or move forward in your career; or to break free of old personal patterns; heal or improve relationships; reduce stress; learn to love and accept yourself and achieve the joyful and authentic life you deserve.

Coaching sessions are done by phone or Skype (voice only) and fees are $300 per hour. Your session will be recorded and emailed to you afterwards, so you can keep it to listen to again any time.

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What is this about?

This is not astrology or numerology. Jean Haner’s work is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, which can be understood as the science of recognizing patterns and their meaning. There are patterns in the features of your face and in your birth date that reveal the map of your inner nature, and the best way for you to find success and happiness in life.

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