Did Brian Williams “misremember?”

Photo of Brian WilliamsDid Brian Williams “misremember?”

If you’re following the news about NBC anchor Brian Williams “misremembering” whether he had been on a helicopter that had been shot down, it’s interesting to consider what the patterns in his face and birth date can reveal.

Was he intentionally lying or did he genuinely not recall events accurately?

Williams’ face has a long rectangular shape and his body type is long and lean as well – This shows what’s called a “Bamboo” personality type.

In nature, the bamboo tree’s secret to success is its flexibility – It bends in the breeze and so doesn’t get knocked down in a storm. When someone has a bamboo personality, they have an adaptable nature, and come across as easygoing and flexible.

But the downside of a bamboo personality is that it can make them evasive in communications. Or they can even slant the truth, though not being intentionally dishonest. At the extreme, they can be mercenary in their approach, bending to take advantage of any situation that will serve them best.

The patterns in his birth date add more insights – They show he has a great sense of humor and can spin a good story. But this is also a sign of an ambitious man with a drive to be the center of attention. This can mean that he has a tendency to make everything all about him – even events that happen to someone else.

There’s also a strong indication of a good imagination – so good in fact that it could incline him to create fantasies that he begins to believe as true. In other words, he may change the facts in his own mind without any intention of being untruthful.

The fact that he wasn’t in the helicopter that got shot down but in the one behind it could easily have morphed in his mind, into his own personal version of reality, of the drama that happened to him.

What these patterns seem to show is that he may have revised history in his own mind, but that he truly believed his altered memories, and he wasn’t intentionally lying.

(The meanings of the patterns in our faces and birth dates come from an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, which developed a very sophisticated science of reading not only the physical body but the personality as well.)