Discover Your Inner Design

Your inner design is like a map you can follow all your life, to know what you need to be happy in life, love and career … and to always be true to your nature.

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Over thousands of years of research, Chinese medicine discovered a way to read your personal map.

It not only shows the path to achieve optimal health…

This map also shows the design of your inner spirit and how you can achieve your best life.

It reveals your true personality, what lessons you came here to learn, what your inherent strengths and challenges are, even what your true calling is.

Your personal map spells out what careers you have a natural talent for, and how to attract loving relationships that are a fit for you.

It even explains what your core issue in life is and how you can transform it to reach your full potential and greatest happiness.

It’s as if there’s a powerful plan for who you’re meant to be, a map for the territory you’re meant to journey through….

…And once you discover it, you can follow it to arrive at a successful life, in the right way for you.

Amazing as it may seem, this map can be read in your facial features and the patterns in your birth date.

Chinese face reading and birth date reading is a science, thousands of years old, that offers a incredibly accurate understanding of your true nature, and that can help guide you in these modern times.

But we can also take this to another level.

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There’s another powerful way this ancient knowledge can help you: We can use it to heal your life.

Yes, it’s an amazing experience to discover your inner design, that unique map of who you were born to be and what your purpose in life is….

But then we can take this to the next step.

We can see how you may have navigated off-course or gotten blocked in your life right now…

And then we can see how to get back on track, so you can become a creative force in your life again.

Here’s what I mean:

If you have a health problem and go to an acupuncturist, they’d work to bring your physical energy back into balance so your body can heal.

But here, we’d address where your life feels out of balance right now, and how to bring you back into harmony on a whole-life scale.

My work has been called “acupuncture for the spirit” because I use the principles of Chinese medicine, not for physical health issues – but to help you heal your spirit – and your life.

3 Ways You Can Benefit!

Photo of Jean HanerYou can get a private session by phone or Skype, to discover your inner design and get all your questions answered. Click here to get a reading.

(You can get a full reading in 30 minutes. If you also want a “prescription” to bring balance back, be sure to book a 60-minute session.)


Learn how to read the patterns in faces and birth dates so you can use this amazing knowledge for the rest of your life, personally and professionally, to help yourself and others find joy, love and purpose! Click here to find upcoming workshops!


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Jean’s Story

When I was in my 20s, I married into a Chinese family, and began to learn about Chinese philosophy and medicine from my very traditional mother-in-law.

It wasn’t until after the wedding that I discovered how tolerant this kind woman really was. I learned the family had secretly had my face and birth date evaluated to see if I was a “lucky” match for my husband…

….and It turned out that – I’m not “lucky!” But bless her, she still let me marry her son.

My mother-in-law tried to introduce me to the spiritual and psychological aspects of Chinese medicine. However, I thought she was just being superstitious.

For example, she tried to teach me Chinese face reading – But to me, this seemed terrible, judging someone based on their appearance!

She tried to show me how to read the messages in people’s birth dates, but it just seemed like folklore to me.

Of course, I had to ignore the fact that she was always right about people!

It’s not about “luck”

I eventually did begin to listen to her, and then went on to study the deeper principles of this ancient knowledge with many teachers, all over the world.

And I learned it has nothing to do with “luck” and everything to do with learning to be true to your nature.

I’ve spent over 30 years, studying, researching, and working with people to discover their personal map, as well as the ways they’ve lost touch with their true nature – and helping them find the way home to themselves.

I’ve never found anything so comprehensive, so accurate, and so deeply meaningful in terms of how to recognize, and align with your unique inner design.

One of the most frequent comments I hear from people after a session is, “I’ve never felt so truly seen.”

I’m always so honored to hear that, and feel incredibly lucky to be able to do this work. Huh, I must have a “lucky” face after all! (grin) I believe “luck” comes when you’re finally able to be true to your own nature.

What is Chinese Face Reading? Wisdom of Your Face book covers

Face reading was originally a diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine. Ancient physicians discovered that patterns in the features of people’s faces revealed tendencies of their physical bodies for illness or health

But as soon as they started using face reading for diagnosis, they realized these same patterns reflected each person’s inner personality, how they’d tend to think, feel and behave, and what they needed to be happy in life.

Face reading then evolved into an early tool for personal growth. Thousands of years ago in China, face readers were the original therapists and personal coaches!

In fact, every feature of your face has a positive and affirming message for you, to help you understand yourself, and show you how to create a joyful and authentic life.

The secrets of your inner nature and personal potential are eloquently inscribed in the curve of your cheeks, the shape of your eyes, the contour of your brows, the unique patterns of your original design.

What is Chinese Birth Date Reading?

This is not astrology, nor is it numerology. Instead, it’s based on the same principles of Chinese medicine, just like face reading is.

There are patterns in how energy moves through time, and these affect who you are and how your life unfolds.

It’s as if, on the day you were born, you were imprinted with the patterns that existed at that time. And simultaneously, the plan for each phase of your life journey was formed.

You can use the messages in your birth date to discover more about your inner map, the themes running through your experiences, and how to create a life that’s a true fit for your authentic nature.

When you can read the combined messages in your face and birth date, you get a jaw-droppingly accurate picture of your inner design…

And you can finally see how you can finally achieve the joyful and fulfilling life you were meant to have.

3 Ways to Find Out More!

When you can see the true nature of each person you encounter, you can dissolve all barriers to love.

When you discover your own inner spirit, you gain your personal guide to a life with less stress, more joy, and the success you truly deserve.

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