Do You Have a Trust Fund?

Do You Have a Trust Fund?

Many years ago, I had a friend who loved to take workshops. He didn’t do so indiscriminately but he always seemed to manage to go to the ones that were really special, no matter the cost.

One day, after hearing about his latest exploration into consciousness, I said, “I heard the tuition for that one was really expensive.”

He said, “Yes, it cost a lot of money but I just tapped into my trust fund.”

Without thinking, I blurted out, “Wow, must be nice. I wish I had a trust fund!”

And his reply was: “Yes, I trust, and the funds come.”

Oh. Wow.

What a concept.

A few months later, I learned that an author was coming to my town to teach a 2-day workshop that was exactly what I needed at that stage in my development; it SO called both my heart and mind.

But at $375, I couldn’t afford it. I was a single mother, struggling financially, and it was just totally out of my reach.

I remembered what my friend said, and thought, “Well, let’s see if I can trust that the funds will come.”

Feeling a bit foolish, I silently spoke my request out to Life and then let go of what the outcome might be.

A couple of weeks later, I was reading the newspaper (these were the days when the news was on paper!) and opened a section that was 4 huge pages full of tiny print.

It was a long list of names of people for whom the state was holding money. For a variety of reasons, refunds or inheritances or the like hadn’t been able to find their way to them, so the money had been turned over to the state.

Just on a whim, I scanned down to the “H’s” and – what? There was my name!

I discovered that a doctor’s office had overcharged me 5 years before, and even though I still lived at the same address, for some reason the refund ended up going to this state office.

The amount of the refund? $374.

One dollar short of the tuition for the workshop. I decided I could invest $1 of my savings!

I registered for the course, and it literally changed my life, my career, my whole future.

Things happen in mysterious ways

When I first started teaching workshops of my own, I always kept the memory of this experience in mind, on more than one level.

For one thing, I committed myself to always giving people tools and information they could use in practical ways, to increase their income or even as a whole new career.

That life-changing workshop I attended wasn’t just the all-too-common kind that gets you all feeling fired up and inspired, but without real ways to put what you learned to use.

Instead, I got solid information that translated into effective ways I could authentically change my life –

And I promised myself I’d always pass along those kinds of benefits.

And I also committed to helping others discover their own place of trust, so that Life can shower them with all the blessings it’s been trying to give them but they weren’t yet able to receive.

Live loves you. But you have to learn to let it. And an important step is to trust the mystery of it all.

Things DO happen in mysterious ways. What if I hadn’t happened to stop and look at that list? What made me pause and pay attention? I’ll never know. But that moment changed my life forever.

Things are always happening behind the scenes that you can’t yet see. The more you can accrue your trust, the more easily everything you need will appear with ease.

Is there a workshop – or anything – that’s been calling you, but you’ve let money stop you? …Can you tap into your trust fund?

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8 thoughts on “Do You Have a Trust Fund?”

  1. Me, a couple of family members and friends undertake a religious pilgrimage every year in month of February.
    Every year, a few weeks prior to the pilgrimage, i manage to land up a good business deal, thus earning enough money to defray the cost of the trip.
    Perhaps this is the meaning implied in the article.
    Liked your suggestion regarding the workshop. Hope to manifest attending your workshops soon.

  2. I have a saying very similar “if I’m meant to take this class the money will appear “unencumbered”
    I love this…it’s so freeing!

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