Maybe I’m Just Not Meant to…

Maybe I’m Just Not Meant to…

When a client starts out a session with me, they first tell me about what they’ve been struggling with so long.

And then, one of the most frequent comments they make is:

“Maybe I’m just not meant to –

be in a relationship

change careers

lose this weight

start my own business

have a baby

(fill in the blank)…”

But that’s never true. What you yearn for in your heart of hearts is absolutely meant to be.

For each of us, there are ways we block our own progress without even realizing it. To me, this is one of the most powerful ways that discovering your inner design can help you.

Because it reveals your patterns – both positive and negative – and shows you how to stop getting in your own way.

I can teach you how to do this (Click here to find out where!). And I can show you some examples right now, where face reading gives important clues:

Portrait of Man with Narrow Features This man has a long, narrow rectangular-shaped face. One thing this reveals is what a good thinker he is, and how much he values logic and analysis.

Let’s say he wants to start his own business. These are great personal qualities to have as an entrepreneur.

But there is a downside to these qualities – He can over-think, and then struggle with indecisiveness.

He analyzes so well, comes up with so many options, that can then stop him in his tracks.

Which should he choose? Too often, the decision can be: “Hmmmm, maybe I’d better think about it some more.”

This can lead to years of procrastination and self-doubt.

Or he will start, but give up too easily, at the first sign of a problem. “Maybe I’m just not meant to start my own business, sigh.”

The “cure” to release this block is this:

Thinking is good. Do your thinking. But then at some point, choose something. Do it. Stick with it longer than you think you should. Give it a chance. Don’t let self-doubt or fear of what others will think stop you!

Woman with Nose Cleft If you look closely, you’ll notice this woman has an indentation in the tip of her nose. Even little details like this can be significant!

This is a sign that she may fall in love too easily, lets others into her heart too soon, before she knows whether they’re worthy of her love and trust.

To her mind, if you love someone, why hold back? She’ll tend to dive in the deep end in love, and repeatedly have her heart broken.

“Maybe I’m just not meant to be in a relationship.”

The sign on her nose means she has SO much love to give – of course she should be in a relationship!

But the “cure” here is to change how she enters a relationship.

Instead of diving in the deep end of the pool, she needs to first dip a toe in, and then see how the water feels.

In other words, instead of moving in together after 3 dates (!), she should have coffee with him, then dinner, then spend a day together, etc.

Get to know him slowly and evaluate how much more to let him into her heart at each stage of the process. This keeps her heart safe and lets love develop more naturally so it can be long-lasting!

Woman with Metal Features This woman has a pattern of features on her face – prominent cheeks, a sculpted nose and visible upper eyelids – that show that if she’s trying to lose weight, she’ll be likely to cut back on calories way too much.

She’ll think she has to tighten control over every molecule of food she eats and she may even try to go without food as much as she can.

This is someone who will choose control or deprivation as a solution to problems in many ways in life, including diet, and it’s never the right choice; it never works in the long run.

“Maybe I’m not meant to lose this weight.”

She is a perfectionist, which means the first step she may need to take is not about dieting, but about healing how self-critical she is about her body.

And if she does decide to diet, the “cure” is not to deprive, but to make her meals beautiful experiences. Eat on the fine china, arrange the food beautifully on the plate. Put flowers on the table and play Bach in the background!

This will actually shift her energy, and if she does need to lose weight, it can happen. It can even transform her self-conscious feelings about her body.

You ARE meant to have the life you yearn for! I promise. I can teach you how to get there.

Click here to find out when and where…

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  1. Brilliant article. It’s all about recognising our strengths and living up to our true potentials. Face reading can really help with this and teach us how we can find our Inner Design.

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