One Big Mistake You Could Make When You Try to do Energy Work…

One Big Mistake You Could Make When You Try to do Energy Work…

In my 30 year journey with energy work, I studied many different methods from many cultures all over the world.

Some were so old they’d lost touch with their original wisdom and degenerated into superstitious ceremonies.

Other methods were so complicated and time-consuming that it was obvious they really didn’t understand how energy works at all.

In fact, click here for a one-minute video with a fun story from Manda about how simply and quickly energy can clear!

Manda was stung by a bee at her first Clear Home Clear Heart workshop and what happened immediately afterward probably helped convince her to go on to become a certified clearing practitioner!

Here’s the thing – I believe when an approach is complicated, it’s under-developed. It’s still a young system, not mature yet, and so not very effective.

What I’ve always found is that the most deeply evolved, sophisticated methods are always beautifully… elegantly… simple.

I followed the rules… 

But in my early years, when I studied the immature systems of energy work, I dutifully followed all the rigid complicated rules.

I was taught that unless you performed every step exactly in the right way, at exactly the right time, you’d never get good results – and could actually cause devastating problems!

But I soon found that something was going wrong.

Because I can feel energy, I could tell when the energy shifted and came into balance…

But that was happening earlier and earlier, before I was done with all the complex steps!

First, I noticed it started to happen halfway through the session.

Then, it shifted as I arrived to do the energy clearing for them – before I’d even started!

And THEN, I felt the energy shift as the person called to make the appointment with me!

Uh-oh. I was afraid they’d call back the next day to say, “You know, I don’t think I need you anymore; I’m suddenly feeling better.”

At that point, I’d want to say, “Wait – I need to send you a bill!” 😀

What was happening?

It wasn’t all the long, complicated work I was performing that did much of anything at all.

Instead, what had happened was that in the process of learning, I’d changed.

My system had been trained to respond to energy in a new way.

Now when I encountered stressed energy, in a person or a place, it would transform just through my conscious heart-based awareness.

The truth is, the power is not in what you “do” – All that “doing” in those complex steps was a very superficial, immature approach.

The power is in a new way of “being” with energy – your own, as well as the energy of others.

…What was all the fuss about?

But it wasn’t just that my work with energy became so much easier and so deeply effective.

It wasn’t just that my clients were benefiting and thought I was magic!

It was also that my life began to unfold almost effortlessly.

The things I used to hold a personal charge around started to melt away. What used to stress me no longer did.

That old experience in the past that continued to cause me pain? Now it was like, ‘Huh …What was all the fuss about??!”

It’s not mine…

And I no longer felt so overwhelmed by the energy around me each day.

I now could recognize the moment I was starting to soak in someone else’s energy, and then immediately recognize it as “not mine” –

And it’d clear before it even started to affect me.

Learning how to do energy clearing not only gives you a beautiful way to help people, whether you integrate it into your current work or just use it in your personal life.

It’s also an elegant training for how to walk through your own life, centered and at peace, your heart able to dance with the energy of whatever and whoever you encounter.

One big mistake

So, one big mistake you can make when you work with energy is to buy into the belief that it’s what you “do” that matters.

A system that teaches you to “do” something to the energy of a person or a place is based on a very limited understanding of how energy works.

We’re so conditioned, in our culture, to think we have to do something, fix something, achieve a certain outcome!

But that just creates more stress in the system.

Instead, when you learn clearing, you discover how to “be” with energy in an entirely different way.

And in that moment, things shift and balance returns.

Whether that’s the body’s reaction to a bee sting – Or whether it’s a deep life issue that’s been blocking your way for years.

It’s time.

I truly believe the time has come for all of us to join together to bring balance back – to our lives – and to the world.

In this summer’s retreats, you not only learn how to do energy clearing, you also receive clearings, so you emerge transformed.

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It’s time…