From the Louise Hay Newsletter – Author Spotlight

From the Louise Hay Newsletter:  “Author Spotlight”

louisejeanJean Haner, renowned expert in the art of Chinese face reading, teaches powerful techniques to help people “read” their inner natures—and learn to love them! With a 25-year background in ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, she shares compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their true selves. “Jean is a wonderful teacher and a good friend,” says Louise. Jean’s ability to encourage people to see themselves and others with compassion and understanding dovetails perfectly with Louise’s own philosophy of self-love and self-healing.

In her new book from Hay House, The Wisdom of Your Face, Jean explains how she developed her life-affirming vocation. “I first discovered Chinese face reading in the late 1970s, when I married into a Chinese family and learned of it through my mother-in-law.” As a feng shui consultant, Jean wanted to study face reading in order to understand her clients better. “Face reading is based on the same ancient principles as Chinese medicine,” she says. “The same qualities that reveal the state of your body also have parallels in your emotions. Your face is a blueprint of your personality.”

Jean’s face reading study evolved into a remarkable career as an international consultant and counselor to corporations and individuals. The principles of face reading can be used in every area of life—career, self, relationships—wherever greater personal and interpersonal understanding are desired. And isn’t that everywhere? As Jean says, “Face reading helps people love the face in the mirror. It gives you a way to rediscover and reclaim your original nature, to become who you’re truly designed to be. When you live in alignment with your own inner self, you radiate a loving presence. And when you can achieve that compassion for yourself, you can hold this same space for other people as well.”

Jean’s popular workshops are focused on the practical application of face reading techniques. Who, for example, wouldn’t like to know more about what their children’s faces reveal?

You can read information in children’s faces from the moment of birth and continue to perceive new things about them as their faces change throughout their formative years. The Chinese say that until the age of 25, a child has his “mother’s face”—that is, he’s still evolving through the influence of his parents until adulthood. But even though this may be true, you can see a great deal in these small faces that’s theirs and theirs alone. It can be such fun to gaze at a tiny face and already see an artistic nature reflected in a rounded forehead, a curious mind represented by a pointy nose, or a little performer mirrored in a cleft chin!

You won’t find wrinkles to read in most youngsters, of course, but occasionally, as a child nears adolescence or is further into her teenage years, you may spot a line or two. For example, it’s not all that unusual to see a forehead wrinkle develop at this stage, which means that there’s something in her current patterns of thought or emotion—her way of perceiving the world—that’s creating an opportunity for stress or a life lesson in her 20s (the decade marked on the forehead). If you can convince your child to try wearing adhesive tape on the wrinkle for a few hours, she might have some interesting revelations! Each time she feels the tape pull, she should pause and tune in to what she’s feeling and thinking in that moment. She may well discover a pattern of similar thoughts and emotions that are creating the line and that may be contributing to some life challenge coming in her 20s.

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