Your Face is a Blueprint of Your Personality

Photo of Ellen Van Duin Your Face Is a Blueprint of Your Personality

by Elleke van Duin, Living Magazine, September, 2006

(The following is a translation of an article published in The Netherlands.)

This time we are going international with Living Spirit.  The American woman Jean Haner was in Holland for a few days illustrating her field.

What is face reading exactly? I cannot suppress an association with palm reading. Jean Haner is a red-haired woman in her early forties. Her porcelain skin and light blue eyes give her a fragile look. When she opens her mouth I hear her voice soft and modest. Could she already look into my heart? Actually quite scary. It looks like she can read my thoughts and starts to talk about my jaw line.

My jaw is strong. That means that I am not easily convinced of other opinions.  Nice to hear but I regard myself quite often as a doubter. She is ahead of me: “Furthermore, I see on your temples that you at the same time doubt a lot. That is because you want to decide things for yourself.  Although you think you would like it when there was somebody who would tell you what to do.  But that is not what you really want after all. That takes a lot of internal battle and that is why it sometimes takes a long time before you take a decision. But when you make a decision you really stand behind it.”

What is your time of birth? Has astrology also to do with this? “Yes, when somebody has come into the world plays an important role.  I can see that your job suits you. You sense everything what happens around you and you cleverly react on it.” I don’t sit here by accident. Jean appears to have a large customer circle in the United States.  People come from a long way to counsel her about their work, their partner, their child or just about themselves.

What is it exactly, face reading?

“Face reading, or face analysis, is a part of the Chinese understanding of life. This science is 3000 year old. The basis is the same as principles used in acupuncture and feng shui : ‘yin and yang’ and ‘wu xing’ (5 phases of development). Your nose, mouth, eyes, ears, eyelids and brow, but also the nostrils, eyebrows, hairline, wrinkles , scars, moles, complexion and color differences have all significance. On the basis of these traits, combined with age characteristics that can be found on the face I can read somebody’s personality. The shape, the relative proportions, size differences, symmetry or not, show character, life, and living conditions. A face is a blueprint of your personality.”

How did you get in touch with it?

“Thirty years ago, I married a Chinese man from a very traditional family. My mother-in-law practiced face reading. She wasn’t happy with me then because I didn’t have the so-called “money bags” on my cheeks. I found that very judgmental, but it did intrigue me. I began to study, and became so enthusiastic that I wanted to translate it for the western world.”

On what doctrine is it based?

“On the Five Elements, or the everlasting stream of changes in everything that lives on earth: these are called Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Every element has another energy. These different energy streams are also inside us.  We are seldom  one specific type; usually it is a combination of several elements. Like  I see in you a combination of Fire, Wood and Earth.”

What is the purpose of face reading?

“When we learn to read our inner blueprint, about who we are, we know our goals and which road we can take best to go there. Understand who you are, acknowledge that and use that. Acceptance instead of judgment. Too often we blame ourselves and others about how things go: if I had only chosen this or that. A pit,y because when you know yourself better and you are prepared to listen to yourself, you can better react on what is coming your way and be happy.”

But how and where can we use it?

“Face reading can be used in every field: career, yourself, your relationship.  It is a means for self-reflection. What emotions do you see in your own face?  What other qualities do you have that you don’t use but that can have a positive affect on your life? You can learn to see what your colleagues or customers would like to. And in the face of your partner, you can see his character. Negative qualities don’t come as a surprise then, but can help you to better balance your relationship. You know, for instance, that he is stingy because you’ve seen it in his face. I try to make my workshops as practical as possible. If you are looking for a partner, I can help you discover what kind of partner is good for you, and where you have to pay attention to in faces. By first assessing what person you are yourself I can see what kind of person would match you.”

What did it bring yourself?

“Face reading has taught me to come into balance with myself.”

What is your motto?

“Understand and acknowledge who you are.”

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