Professionally Certified 5-Element Life Coaches

Certified coaching practitioners have attended Jean’s 5-Element Coaching workshops, and completed all three levels of the Professional Certification Training including studying individually with Jean to develop their skills to the highest level.

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Photo of Elena KazakevichElena Clemow, Boston, Massachusetts

Each one of us is here to share our unique gifts with the world. There is something wonderful you’re meant to do, and only you can do it. Don’t you want to know what it is?

Face reading can help you find it. Through my own face reading, I learned that my true calling is to help people reach their highest level. I also learned how to use my empathic abilities, which allow me to tune into my client’s needs on an energetic level. I can help you uncover the challenges you’re meant to transform and gently guide you to living at your fullest potential.

I believe every step of our journey is meaningful. That’s why I’ll tie in my skill set of practicing as a psychotherapist and knowledge of Kabbalistic wisdom throughout our work together in a personalized way for you.

I’ve helped my clients get amazing results from working with me such as promotions at work, finding new love, ease within relationships, and an overall lightness of spirit. I’d love to do the same for you!

You can book a session with me on my website and contact me via email at or on Instagram @elenathefacereader

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Photo of Mia MimicaMia Mimica, Munich, Germany

Growing up I learnt a lot about Chinese medicine, Chinese philosophy and facial diagnosis, since my parents had studied this ancient knowledge intensely over the years.

Upon finishing my Bachelor degree, Dance and Culture, at the University of Surrey, UK, I started a training in Face Yoga which led me into understanding the ancient Chinese knowledge of face reading and Chinese medicine more profoundly.

After studying with various teachers, I came across Jean’s work and immediately decided to participate in the certification programme. This has been an incredibly transformational journey for me as I became fully aware of my personal patterns, my core life issue and my true calling.

Each person is unique and each person brings their own patterns, life issues, gifts and talents into this world. A session with a face reader can be a turning point in your life helping you to recognise your true calling, unfold your talents and bring your beautiful self to expression.

I look forward to guiding you on this journey of discovering your true nature and finding happiness and inner fulfilment.

In addition to English, Mia can work with you in German and Croatian.

To book a session with Mia, visit or contact her at:

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Tamara Nicolle PhotoTamara Nicolle, Gurley, Alabama

Being a registered nurse for over 25 years has brought me great joy. But throughout my career, I felt something was missing. I searched for a modality that not only addressed the body, but also the mind and the spirit. After hearing Jean on a webinar discussing Chinese face reading and 9 Star Ki, I started my training. It has been such a blessing to have found this holistic combination of mind/body/spirit in 5 Element Life Coaching. I am thrilled to be able to combine my experience in western medicine with this ancient science in Chinese medicine.

Using 5 Element wisdom and intuition, I compassionately assist individuals to recognize their personal patterns and blocks. By shining light on these parts that need the most attention, I provide simple strategies to regain balance. When we are willing to dive deep and trust our individual unique nature, we can navigate life with greater ease. My goal is to empower clients to live true to their sacred purpose.

It is an honor and a privilege to connect with each client and guide them on a path of self-discovery. A journey to unlock the key to themselves.

Tamara can be reached via email at, her website, or follow her on Instagram at tamara5elements.


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