Your Hidden Symmetry book coverJean’s Predictions for 2024 – and Beyond! 

Every year of your life brings new and different opportunities in career, relationships, and your own personal evolution. Its influence even affects how you think and feel throughout the year.

When you discover the specific meanings woven through the energy of the year for you personally, you can understand why things are happening the way they are.

And you’ll know how you can make the best use of everything coming your way!

Jean’s book, Your Hidden Symmetry, gives you everything you need to know to align with the type of energy that 2024 brings to your life.

And even better, it reveals what’s coming to you each individual year for the rest of your life – Click here to get the book

Note: This information is not based on astrology, but instead is from an ancient branch of Chinese medicine that, over thousands of years, developed ways to read the unique plan for how your life is meant to unfold.

(For the predictions for all the years of your life, see Chapter 11, “Your Personal Seasons – Chart of Your Yearly Cycles”.)

(Jean’s yearly audio readings are no longer offered, but you can get the same information in her book, Your Hidden Symmetry!)

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