Spiritual Facial

Jean Haner - Spiritual Facial

Jean Haner leads you through a powerful half-hour guided meditation to bring your whole system into balance and help you relax into the truth of who you really are.

You can use this audio to feel refreshed, glowing and purified all the way to the center of your soul!

And you can use it as a regular spiritual practice, as an easy way to replenish, bring balance back, restore vitality, and help you feel confident and happy in your own skin.

You know what a regular facial feels like, right? Where you luxuriate with delicious creams and cleansers on your skin, and you come away feeling relaxed, glowing and purified?

Photo of spaWell, what if you could have a spiritual facial, for the energy centers of your face, that would create that feeling, not only physically but on a spirit level as well?

This guided meditation was created for just this purpose. Relax and listen as Jean guides you through a gentle but powerful half-hour process, and emerge feeling more whole and more aligned with your true nature.

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We all tend to walk around immersed in too much stress, and heaping helpings of self-judgment as well!

We’re so wired to think there’s something wrong with us that has to be fixed.

And all this creates tension in your system – in your body, in your face, in your life.

Chinese medicine, the original holistic medicine, discovered that everything in your body is interconnected.

And that each feature of your face is connected energetically to one of the systems of your physical body. This is why we can diagnose your health by reading your face.

But they also discovered that every feature of your face is connected with an aspect of your emotional nature as well. This is why we can read your personality in your face.

Jean Haner - Spiritual FacialSo when you can make a positive shift to the energy in your face, you can not only affect your physical body but also your emotional self as well.

It can even change that story that’s been looping in your head for years, causing you to make choices that don’t always serve you well….

People are saying that not only can they feel inner change each time they listen to this guided meditation, they also see a positive change in how their face looks afterwards!

Hmmmm, maybe we’ve found an easy way to eliminate medical cosmetic procedures – Just give yourself spiritual facials!

You deserve this! Click here to get yours! Spiritual Facial! – A guided meditation through the energy centers of your face $25

Terms and Conditions: All purchases final; non-refundable.