This is a Story about Baby Trees – And You

This is a Story about Baby Trees – And You

In my 30+ years of exploring ancient Chinese healing techniques, I studied with many teachers all over the world.

But one of the best lessons I learned wasn’t what you might expect.

It came from scientific research about “baby” trees.

One of the true Chinese masters I studied with was also a Ph.D. researcher in forestry.

In that field, there was a certain protocol for developing seedlings that would be the strongest, healthiest and most likely to survive.

But it might shock you to learn how they did that.

What all the scientists did was to treat the seedlings as harshly as they could. They’d challenge them with lack of nourishment, sunlight, and whatever else they could think of to try to kill them!

The logic behind this was that any trees that survived were the strongest, and therefore the ones they should choose to propagate.

But my teacher was not only a forestry scientist. He was also a renowned expert in qi gong and feng shui – He had a deep knowledge of how energy works.

He did something that had all his colleagues mocking him.

He loved those seedlings. 

Instead of trying to kill them, he beamed loving energy to the tiny sprouts.

And what happened? 

His trees FAR outdid the others that had been treated so horribly.

They thrived beautifully. In fact, they grew much stronger and taller than the others, and had none of the health issues the other trees developed later on in life.

So where am I headed with this?

It’s just that this memory of my teacher has made me think of what we do in our own minds, a place where most of us treat ourselves very harshly.

That strong inner critic can maintain a running commentary about what we didn’t do right, or what we should have said or done, or how we’ll never be good enough, or etc etc etc.

Some people try to fight against this cruel self-treatment by saying, “Cancel!” or even “F- off!” every time they have a negative thought or feeling.

But that just turns into an endless battle inside, only increasing the tension and self-judgment. Any time we go to war with ourselves, there’s never a peaceful result.

But what if they gave a war and nobody came? 

What if, just like my teacher, we started treating all our thoughts and feelings – our little seedlings – with love?

“Right, that sounds easy,” you may be thinking, sarcastically…

One little practice I’ve found effective for people is, instead of saying “Cancel!” or “F- off” to a negative thought, to say to it, “I love you!”

You may feel silly, but don’t underestimate how this can change the energy in that moment. (I love how author Geneen Roth says that, “All any feeling wants is to be welcomed with tenderness.”)

Give it a try – You might be surprised at how it can be increasingly easy to be more kind toward yourself, and less stressed.

Your thoughts are the seedlings for your future. Energy follows thought. So every time you respond with love to any thought, you increase the chance you’ll thrive in the future, just like those baby trees grew up so beautifully.

But there’s one guaranteed way to learn to treat your “thought seedlings” with love: Energy clearing.  

Most people know energy clearing as a way to clear and re-balance someone’s energy fields, to release stress, and to help them heal on an emotional, spiritual, and even on a physical level.

But what most people don’t know is that just practicing energy clearing changes them.

Every time you do a clearing for yourself or another person, it’s also subliminally teaching your system to respond to your thoughts and feelings in a different way.

This is why prominent meditation teachers have called clearing “accelerated meditation” – but not like “get enlightenment quick!”

It’s because clearing has been found to be an accelerated method of bringing you to the place meditation can, where those thoughts and feelings that arise within your mind, whether negative or positive, are genuinely all treated with love and acceptance.

Then, just like the scientist’s trees thrived, you will too. 

It doesn’t take years of practice to reach this point. I see people transform in the space of one retreat experience, and afterwards, as they continue clearing, their life unfolds so differently.

So this is why I’d love to personally invite you to learn clearing – Click here to find upcoming Clear Home Clear Heart workshops!