The surprise I got when I did a clearing for Louise Hay


The surprise I got when I did a clearing for Louise Hay

You can imagine how I felt the day Louise Hay turned to me and said, “Jean, I believe we have a destiny together.”

Thrilled, overjoyed, gobsmacked – and terrified! What if I let her down?

But of course it was never about that.

My friendship with Louise was a pure gift, an adventure full of learning for both of us, so it’s with deep love, gratitude, and sadness that I mark this one-year anniversary since she passed. I miss her.

And this makes me remember the surprise I got the first time I did an energy clearing for her.

Louise had just come home from an overseas trip with a bad cold. So she asked me to do a clearing for her.

I started the clearing expecting to feel what I usually do when I clear someone – waves of stress and tension releasing from their energy…

But that’s not what happened.

Instead, it was like I stepped into a beautiful cloud of sparkling silver mist, a huge field of energy surrounding her.

What was this???

As I stayed with it, I suddenly realized that this mist was made up of all the grateful feelings sent her way from the millions of people around the world whose lives she changed!

It was amazing. It was as if I had to pass through this field of gratitude being sent her way before I could access her own personal energy.

Once I did that, I could do the clearing for her illness, and was delighted to hear from her a couple of hours later that her cold had completely disappeared!

But this really confirmed 2 things for me.

With energy clearing, the first thing you clear is the field of external energy you’ve taken on from others, or that they’re sending your way in terms of their thoughts about you.

Up until I did the clearing for Louise, what I always found in that field when clearing someone was stress and negativity! But hers was the opposite.

So this confirmed 2 things for me:

1 – That Louise really was the amazing teacher we all knew her to be, having touched so many millions of lives.

2 – And that this stuff is real! This energy really exists.

And what that means is that this way of working with energy is really the most refined and cutting-edge, as more and more people are calling it.

There’s no other form of energy work that truly addresses clearing how you’re being affected by the energy around you, as well as within you.

You can do this!

We can all aspire to rise to the level Louise achieved in her life, and honestly, I do clearings for many people who are well on their way and don’t know it!

And clearing is the reason I’ve been able to evolve this far in my life, as it continues to open new and spacious possibilities for me every single day.

You can do this! You can easily learn to do energy clearing for yourself and other people, plus your animal friends, and even the plants and the land in your garden!

Every living being has energy that can become stressed and out of balance and need clearing.

And with every clearing you do, you change your own vibration, transforming the rest of your life. I’ve seen it change so many lives and I’d love that for you as well.

2 chances coming up soon!

Here are 2 opportunities to learn clearing that are coming up soon:

Clear Home Clear Heart 5-Day Retreat Kripalu Yoga Center, MA Oct 20-25

Learn to clear the energy of people and places!

This powerful retreat is devoted to clearing the energy of every aspect of your past, present and future so you can claim the joyful life you really deserve.

Clear Heart 2-Day Workshop Austin, TX Nov 2-3

Learn to clear your own energy and the energy of other people, and receive energy clearings as well.

Honoring Louise

I’m dedicating these trainings to Louise, making a deep bow to her, in love and gratitude for her destiny – with all of us.