The Five Element Solution

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The Five-Element Solution by Jean Haner

Discover the Spiritual Side of Chinese Medicine to Release Stress, Clear Anxiety, and Reclaim Your Life

Includes a 5-Week Life Reboot!

Chinese Medicine has a spiritual side, where you can discover “remedies,” not for health issues, but instead for your negative emotions, life problems and any personal challenge.

Jean’s latest book shows you how to apply this ancient wisdom to solve modern problems and get your life going in the right direction!

Use the powerful spiritual principles of Chinese Medicine to discover your personality type and bring balance to all areas of your life with this practical, solution-oriented book from expert Jean Haner.

The ancient Chinese discovered a secret that remains little-known in the West to this day: the map of how your life is meant to work.

And just like an acupuncturist treats energy points in the body to heal you physically, this book will show you how to make tiny changes in your everyday activities to heal your life when it’s not working for you.

Based on the traditional wisdom of the Chinese Five Elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal – the quizzes and step-by-step guidance in this book will help you discover how to solve problems in ways that fit your unique personality type.

Drawing from over 30 years of experience, Jean offers specific strategies from the spiritual side of Chinese medicine to help you create true and effective change so you can live with authenticity and joy.

With short-term practices and select activities, such as aligning with your “magic hours,” new ways of clearing clutter, and even adding certain colors and foods to your life, you can solve any problem at three different levels – simple remedies, full prescriptions, and if you’re feeling totally stuck, a five-week “reboot” plan – to get your entire life moving in the right direction again. (Publication Date: June 16, 2020)

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How Can This Book Help You? 

  • Discover your personality type and your unique map to follow in life
  • Learn your natural strengths, challenges, and ways to avoid your personal blindspots 
  • Solve life problems such as struggling to find your true calling or healthy loving relationships
  • Get “remedies” for difficulties such as anxiety, loneliness, depression, low self-esteem, money issues, and many more
  • Find out how to coach and counsel people in ways tailored to their unique needs
  • Follow a 5-Week Life Reboot to get unstuck and finally make real progress
  • Identify your patterns of emotions and tips on how to manage them differently
  • Create change on both conscious and unconscious levels with new insights, and making shifts in your energy
  • Break through old limiting patterns of thought, belief, and behavior
  • Get new insights about the people in your life and ways to help them effectively
  • Learn easy “cures” so any new problems that emerge are quickly solved
  • Obtain the energetic map to follow for the rest of your life
  • Bonus! Guided visualization to meet your personal guides


Jean Haner Author Jean Haner has studied the spiritual principles of Chinese medicine for over 30 years, and is known for translating this ancient wisdom into practical solutions for modern problems.

Jean teaches workshops and consults individually in how to use the Five-Element map to navigate your life in the way that’s right for you, so you can achieve the success and happiness you deserve. For information on workshops, professional trainings, individual private sessions, or just to say hi, please click here to contact us.