Three Stories: Are You an Energy Sponge or Do You Leak Energy?

Three Stories: Are You an Energy Sponge or Do You Leak Energy?

I did a reading for a young woman named Kimberly a while back, who said, “I’m just a total energy sponge!”

She had figured out she soaked in other people’s energy after she had to start sharing an office with another woman. Although she got on with her well enough, Kimberly noticed that suddenly she was dragging home at the end of every day, completely exhausted.

One day it dawned on her that the genesis of this exhaustion could be traced to the very first day this woman moved into her office. Then she realized that whenever her office mate had a headache or a fight with her husband, or just a bad day in general, Kimberly ended up her day in even worse shape – just flattened with a mysterious fatigue that she’d never experienced before.

At first she thought she was getting sick. But when her colleague went on vacation for a week, all Kimberly’s energy returned – and on this woman’s first day back at work, Kimberly dragged herself home, exhausted again. The light bulb went on.

Disaster after Disaster!

Then there was the case of Lisa, who didn’t absorb energy – She leaked it. She told me the story of her past week, which she said had been “disaster after disaster!”

Lisa’s 7-year-old son went to karate class once a week, where the teacher had an extremely strict and critical teaching style. He often spoke unkindly to the kids and was even rude to the parents.

A week ago, he’d been particularly hard on her son and made him cry. As she saw her son come running out with tears streaming down his face and heard his story, she fell into a rage.

She hated that man! That night, she seethed with anger as she stuffed her son’s karate uniform into the washing machine, just anticipating having to take him to next week’s class. Half an hour later, the washing machine broke down and flooded the laundry room floor.

A few days later, she had to stop by the karate school to pay the monthly bill, and as she walked down the hallway to the office, she felt her blood pressure rising as the emotions swelled up yet again. When she returned to her parking spot, it went up even more as she discovered she had a flat tire!

And that evening, her head pounded as she cooked dinner, so upset about the karate teacher, the washing machine, the flat tire. Could it be that all that toxic emotion in her system was mixed into the stew as she stirred it? Because that night the whole family ended up with food poisoning.

You Affect, and are Affected by, the Energy Around You

Lisa was leaking energy in the form of anger and hatred, a huge energetic charge that was broadcast from her system, to affect everyone and everything around her. Sure, it could just be a coincidence that as soon as she got so upset, things started going haywire around her, but I’ve just seen this happen far too many times to ever think it was just chance.

We’re all affected by, and affecting, the world around us all the time. Kimberly’s system was stressed by the energy of her office mate. Lisa’s negative feelings disturbed the energy all around her.

It All Comes Down to Boundaries

Even though the stories of these two women seem totally different, they all come down to the very same thing – energetic boundaries.

Kimberly didn’t know how to manage her boundaries, which meant she ended up absorbing other people’s energy. Lisa’s weak boundaries meant she spread her negativity all around her wherever she went.

There’s really not much language in our culture for a conversation about energy and boundaries. It’s not something that’s generally acknowledged or understood.

But even so, it seems like more and more people are becoming sensitive to energy and looking for answers about how to create healthier energetic boundaries so they’re not so affected by the people around them.

And for many of us, as we do our inner work, we become aware of the ways we’re carrying the weight of past experiences, the charge we hold around our old pain or difficulties, and how that may be affecting our current experience.

Lisa may be an extreme example, but we can all unconsciously broadcast stressed energy and that can negatively affect our lives.

Clearing Helps You Create Boundaries

This is why I’m so devoted to teaching energy clearing. Because when you learn clearing, one of the most important skills you get is how to create healthy energetic boundaries, so you never again have to take on someone else’s stress.

And clearing is also a way to retrain your system so that you no longer get swept away by your negative feelings and create problems as a result.

I Lost an Emotional 20 Pounds!

Several years ago, I was in the waiting room of a radio studio, about to go on the air to be interviewed about clearing. Then Beth, the author who would go on after me arrived all frazzled, having had a really tough day surrounded by stressed people.

When she found out what I was going to be talking about, she said, “Oh god, would you mind – Could you possibly do a clearing for me right now?”

For a split second, I thought, “Sheesh, I’m trying to get focused for my interview!” But then I realized how silly that was, because clearing also has the benefit of balancing my own energy as well, so that could only make my interview go better! I sat with her and cleared for a few minutes and then we quickly exchanged hugs and business cards as I headed in to the studio.

A few hours later, I got an email from Beth: “WOW! In those 10 minutes of clearing, I lost an emotional 20 pounds! WHERE DO I LEARN HOW TO DO THIS STUFF?!?!”

If you’d like to learn this stuff, you’re in luck – Because I only teach it once a year and you still have time to plan! In 2015, I’ll teach clearing at the Omega Institute this August.

In this retreat, you not only learn to clear your own energy, and the energy of the people in your life. You also receive clearings, so that you emerge already well on your way to a new way of being in the world. Click here to see the flyer with all the details. I’d love to meet you there.

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  1. Why is this popular retreat only offered once a year? And why only East Coast 🙁 ?
    Thank you for such enlightening information!

    1. Thanks, Anastasia! This is actually the first time this retreat will be taught on the East Coast – Up till now, it’s taken place in Northern California. It only happens once a year because of the demands of my teaching schedule! I need to figure out how to clone myself!

  2. I have enjoyed reading your 3 books and listened to your broadcasts every Tursday! I understand you’re in the process if writing another book. Will it be by chance on “Energy Clearing”. I would like to offer energy clearing as a service. Where would you suggest I begin? Are there any books that you recommend I read?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Midori! What I’ve found is that people first need to take the training and THEN they can benefit from certain books that help them develop their skills and understanding. There are no books out there that can teach you energy clearing just from reading, sorry.

  3. Good morning Jean,
    I have enjoyed your books and would love to do your courses especially energy clearing. I live in Australia and notice that you don’t come this far.
    As far as your comment of wanting to clone yourself – I would love to learn and teach your work in Australia and Asia – one way to clone yourself!
    Let me know if you are interested in an ” Australian Clone”

    1. Thanks, Diane! Ha, would love to have you as one of my clones in Oz! We’ve had several people travel from there to take this training – Please consider yourself very welcome to join in!

  4. Hi Jean, I live in Europe and I would love to attend this training but the distance for me to travel is too far. Will one be able to follow this course online as well and if so when will this be available?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Emily – Thank you so much for your message – No, this course will not be available online, sorry!

  5. Dear Jean,
    I have signed up for this workshop, as it sounds like Exactly what I need ! I am a Mom with a soon to be College bound daughter, so I kept reassessing if I should allow myself such a big gift, but as I read the stories that you printed, I am Greatly reassured that it will assist me and others in So Many ways-and so it’s Perfect that I attend ! Thank you for offering it !

    1. I’m so happy to hear this, Katherine, and I’m SO looking forward to meeting you in August!

    1. Thanks, Xiomara – No more courses in California for the rest of this year, sorry! Keep an eye on my Events page for 2016! <3

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