What’s This About?

What’s This About?

Jean HanerThirty years ago, I married into a Chinese family, and began to learn about Chinese philosophy and medicine from my very traditional mother-in-law.

It wasn’t until after the wedding that I discovered how tolerant this kind woman really was. I learned the family had secretly had my face and birthdate evaluated to see if I was a “lucky” match for my husband…

…And it turned out that – I’m not “lucky!”– But bless her, she still let me marry her son.

My mother-in-law tried to introduce me to the spiritual and psychological aspects of Chinese medicine. However, I thought she was just being superstitious.

For example, she tried to teach me Chinese face reading – But I thought it was just about judging someone based on their appearance, a terrible thing to do!

She tried to show me how to read the messages in people’s birth dates, but it just seemed like folklore to me.

Of course, I had to ignore the fact that she was always right about people!

It’s Not About “Luck”
I eventually did begin to listen to her, and then went on to study the deeper foundations of these ancient principles of balance and health with many teachers over the years.

And I learned that it has nothing to do with “luck” and everything to do with learning to be true to your nature.

“Acupuncture for the Spirit”
My work is sometimes called “acupuncture for the spirit” because I use the same map of the human system that Chinese medicine developed over thousands of years. 

But instead of using this map to read your physical health – I use it to read your inner spirit.

Chinese medicine can be seen as the science of recognizing patterns and their meaning.

There are patterns everywhere in nature, and of course we humans are part of nature too.

So just like everything in nature, you were born with elegant patterns, which make up your inner design.

This design can be read like a map, to help you understand who you really are inside, and how to navigate your life.

Face reading — The Wisdom of Your Face
The Wisdom of Your Child's FaceWOYF-coverFace reading was originally a diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine. Ancient physicians discovered that patterns in the features on the face revealed tendencies of the physical body, for illness or health.

But as soon as they started using face reading for diagnosis, they realized these same patterns reflected the person’s inner personality, how they would tend to think, feel and behave, and what they needed to be happy in life.

Face reading soon evolved into an early tool for personal growth. Thousands of years ago in China, face readers were the original therapists and personal coaches!

In fact, every feature of your face has a positive and affirming message for you, to help you understand yourself, and show you how to find a joyful and authentic life.

The secrets of your inner nature and personal potential are eloquently inscribed in the curve of your cheeks, the shape of your eyes, the contour of your brows, the unique patterns of your original design.

Your Hidden Symmetry by Jean HanerBirth date reading — Your Hidden Symmetry
There are also patterns in how energy moves through time, and these affect who you are and how your life unfolds.

It’s as if, on the day you were born, you were imprinted with the design that existed at that time. And simultaneously, the plan for each phase of your life journey was formed.

You can use the messages in your birth date to discover more about your inner map, the themes running through your experiences, and how to ride the waves instead of fight the current of your life.

This is not Western astrology or Chinese astrology; nor is it numerology. Instead, it’s based on the same principles as Chinese medicine, just as face reading is.

When you can read the combined messages in your face and birth date, you get a jaw-droppingly accurate picture of your inner design, why you are the way you are, and how you can finally achieve the joyful and fulfilling life you were meant to live.

Total possibilities
So this is what my work is about:

lotus-iconTo teach you how to do this for yourself and others…

lotus-iconTo give you a personal reading, to reveal your inner design…

lotus-iconTo coach you, to use your inner map to help you navigate life and achieve your goals…

lotus-iconAnd to help you embrace all the possibilities for your life.


When you can see the true nature of each person in your life, you can dissolve all barriers to love. When you learn to read your own inner design, you discover your personal guide to a life with less stress, more joy and the way to fulfill your purpose in the world.