“Who Lives Here?” The Question that Changed Everything about How I Work

Who Lives Here? The Question that Forever Changed How I Work

“Who lives here?” Those 3 simple words forever changed how I do all my work.

Over 30 years ago, I started learning feng shui from my Chinese mother-in-law.

And I found it so fascinating, I went on to study with every teacher I could find – not that easy so long ago, when hardly anyone in the West had heard of this ancient science, which is similar to the West’s environmental psychology.

But the more I learned, the more puzzled I became by all the rigid rules I was being taught. 

Feng shui is about aligning your home with the flow of life’s natural energy and it just didn’t seem to make sense that all that rigidity would be the way to allow “flow!”

I gradually came to realize that most of the people teaching all these rules actually had only a very superficial knowledge – They didn’t understand the deeper principles of feng shui.

It took a few years until I finally met a teacher who, with 3 little words, transformed my work – not just with feng shui, but all the work I’ve done with people ever since.

On arriving at the house he was going to feng shui, he would stand outside gazing at it, and then simply ask, “Who lives here?”

Only when he fully understood everything about the people living in the house would he then walk through it and observe their surroundings with that in mind.

And his final recommendations weren’t rigid at all – They were elegantly tailored to the needs of unique individuals who lived in that home.

It soon dawned on me that in any kind of work, it’s essential to understand who the other person really is so you can help them in the way that will work for them.

It’s not a rigid, one-size-fits-all world!

Of course, we understand this about the natural world. For instance, if you were planting a garden, you’d know that different kinds of flowers have different needs for types of soil, water and sunlight.

And you’d know that if you nourished each one in the way that was right for them, you’d end up with a lush, beautiful garden.

So it only makes sense that each of us also has unique needs to flourish in life. People are part of nature too!

And so from that moment many years ago, in all my work with people, whether I’m giving them a personality reading, a coaching session, an energy clearing, or yes, even feng shui, my guiding question is always “Who lives here?” 

Who is this unique spirit, what is their true nature?

Only then, once I understand their inner spirit, will I know the best way to help them.

And as I learned to see my own authentic self, I was finally able to feel comfortable in my own skin, and could create the exact kind of life that was right for me.

Think back – Have there been times in your past when you felt really seen by someone, where they truly recognized where you “live” in your heart of hearts?

If that has ever happened for you, remember how amazing it felt – and think about how it’d feel if you could give that gift to someone else.

The spiritual side of Chinese medicine gives us an amazingly accurate way to discover our own personal truths – as well as anyone else’s.

This is why I’m inviting you to join me to learn more about “who lives here” – for yourself, and to help others too.

The Comfort & Clearing online workshop is where you can find out how your personality patterns form a map to guide you to a new sense of comfort and love for who you really are inside, and how you can recognize the true nature of everyone you know.

Each week, we’ll cover another aspect of “who lives here” – such as:

  • Love, Relationships, and What Your Heart is Really Calling For 
  • Money, Career, and Your Personal Path to Wealth
  • Your “Magic Powers” and How to Tap into Them
  • Your Blind Spots and How to Avoid Them
  • Types of Clutter Clearing and Your Personal Feng Shui
  • Going Deeper – Live Readings for Volunteers (including you?)

And each week, I’ll also do an energy clearing for you, to help you move even more easily into a life of personal authenticity and joy.

This is the first time I’ve combined both energy clearing and 5-Element teaching all in one workshop!

So I’m really excited about this brand new course that supports you on so many levels, both consciously and unconsciously.

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