Why You Should Go To Jean’s Workshop!

Why You Should Go to Jean’s Workshop

…Even if You’ve Already Read Her Book?!

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Have you read Jean’s book, Clear Home Clear Heart?

Are you thinking, “I already learned how to do energy clearing from the book. Why would I need to go to a live workshop??”

We posed that questions to people who’ve been to a workshop – and got some amazing replies! Here are some of them:


Go because teachers like Jean are once in a lifetime.

‪Go even if you think you might have learned it all… There is always something more to discover and this work is no exception.

‪Go because there are nuances that must be lived rather than explained.

‪There’s no amount of word-splaining that’s going to prepare you for what that first experience itself teaches you.

Go because if you’re feeling stuck, this is the best way I know to unstuck yourself.

‪Don’t second-guess the universe here; there’s a reason you are reading this. And, if you’re at a crossroads I can tell you first hand there’s no better place I know than this workshop.

Go because your future self will thank you and your life will began to shift in ways you really cannot even imagine if – you allow it and go to a workshop!!

Go because there’s absolutely nothing that can compare to  learning, connecting and sharing the journey with people who are at your level of learning!

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I use to think I could read a book and know what I was doing, that it was the best I could provide for myself. I always had an excuse why I couldn’t go…money, time, responsibilities…you name it. I could find a reason not to go.

When I finally took a workshop, I realized I had been holding back because I did not think I was worth it, to spend the time, money, etc on me. This workshop taught me how to open up and accept and love myself.

With all the clearings you receive during a course, it brings a new level of understanding. And as soon as you sign up for a class your life starts to shift.

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I thought I knew what I was doing from reading the book but then going to the workshop was like Beginner’s Mind Meditation – I knew nothing, so Zen!

This class really has effortlessly changed a lot of things in my life, released blocks to my success that I didn’t even know were there, but I have made so much more money in my business since being clearer & now.

I plan on sending my husband to the workshop so he can experience it for himself because he has appreciated the shifts and he gets it!

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I read the book and flew from Australia to the US for an in-person workshop, but I learnt 100 times more than I expected.

I considered myself a “steak on the plate guy rather than pie in the sky”, but after I had my first full clearing in the workshop, a few hours later I was overwhelmed with emotions as “stuff” just cleared away.

My life has changed soooo much since then. Soon after, I signed up for the Advanced Training, and I’ve been doing regular clearings ever since!

It’s been very close to exactly two years since I read the book and I feel like I’ve grown 20 years in that time. The three classes I attended were like a time warp, bringing a far better version of myself from the future into the present time.

There are tons of modalities out there to choose from, this one happens to work for me in ways I’m still comprehending. You need to decide if this one is for you, and if it is, get yourself to a workshop.

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I attended a workshop and it was fabulous! I had already been practicing personal clearing for about a year but being at the course, it really helped me to tune into a clearing and go deeper than before.

I also gained after practicing with Jean. She is an amazing teacher, compassionate, wise, and tells the best stories.

The clearings I received at the workshop and since then from friends I met there have changed me to the core. I have gained the confidence to be myself and have found balance and joy that were lacking before.

Thank you Jean and to anyone who is thinking about going, do it!!

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Learning clearing has positively altered the course of my life in such a way that one of the things I’m most grateful for in my life is that I encountered Jean and clearing work, no exaggeration here.

The things I’ve learned and the people I’ve come to know through Jean’s workshops had a huge influence on the transformation I experienced from going from a highly, highly sensitive person who used to suffer so much from just about all the energy around me to someone who cannot wait to experience all the forms of energy that the world has to offer each day.

Highly recommend attending a workshop as there are so many things you will learn on deep levels not possible to be reached just from reading the Clear Home Clear Heart book. I try to return to as many workshops as possible even now because each time you learn more deeply.

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Attending three workshops with my wife has made an incredible difference in our lives. We are more vibrantly alive. The Advanced Workshop gave us opportunity to practice our new found skills by being on field trips with Jean cheering us on.

Jean has changed our lives all for the better. The books are good, but being with the author/teacher is beyond words. Thank you Jean for being a part of our lives.

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I feel if you want to go deeper in your experience with clearing, there is no better way than to attend Jean’s workshops!

Meeting Jean has changed my life in such profound ways; I am so grateful for her ability to share and teach with incredible compassion and precision.

Learning and practicing this skill with Jean leading the way is, in my opinion; the most profound way to experience clearing. The people you will connect with at workshops become friends and supporters of your journey.

As many people have said; you will leave a changed person for the better. The personal growth will continue long after the workshop with a group of people who work with energy as you have learned; sharing with them is priceless.

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‪I was totally blessed by attending a workshop. The insight and confidence it built within me to trust the process was well worth the time and investment.

I learned more about my own intuitive gifts by watching others share theirs. It really is amazing…looking forward to attending more events in the future.

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I don’t know where to even begin……. Attending Jean’s workshops are a profound life-changing experience. I have attended many workshops and each and every time it’s a new and deeper experience.

To be in Jean’s presence with a group of like-minded clearers is absolutely magical.

Jean has a very special, compassionate gift for gently sharing this life-altering practice of clearing! There’s nothing that can take the place of being at a live workshop with Jean Haner.

I am truly grateful for her work and the blessings of being able to physically be at a workshop with Jean and the other people I’ve come to know as my tribe!

I will continue to attend as many workshops as I can, each time coming away with a deeper more profound understanding of this work. I am so grateful for having this work integrated into my entire life.

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The book is so well written and Jean’s method is so intuitive that you definitely get a lot from reading and practicing at home.

But, after getting taught in person, being able to ask questions, and doing the different exercises that Jean gives in the workshop, there is no question that the book is only a jumping-off point.

After my first workshop I realized just how deep the practice goes and how much more I had to learn.

Also, Jean attracts the most beautiful souls and it is a pleasure being together even online. Lastly, and best, you should attend to meet Jean. She is one of a kind. She is compassionate, intuitive, brilliant, and down-to-earth, and she is a great teacher.

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I’ve been to several workshops and I always come away with a deeper level of experience. It’s really like anything you learn – books get you started, but experience makes the learning take root.

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I’ve been to the beginning workshop twice, and the advanced workshop, and read Jean’s book, all for personal reasons.

I loved the people I met, enjoyed the deep meditative state when we were all cleared and learned so much more.

My favorite parts are always the question and answer sessions. No matter how many workshops you’ve been to you learn so much from other people and their questions. Things you wouldn’t think to ask, even.

We all have doubts about what we are doing and when you go to a workshop you get to work on doubts that come up with your clearing and you get so much more from being cleared yourself.

It’s hard to describe but I will say if you have a chance to attend a workshop, I cannot imagine you won’t be “wowed”.

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Attending one of Jean Haner’s workshops is one of the most powerful experiences one can have. The mysterious transformation begins as soon as you register and continues after the class over.

I can’t even begin to describe the subtle intensity and energy resonance of a workshop. These interior energetic changes and percolations are exponential when you are experiencing clearings with others.

It’s as if we all become one laser beam lovingly, generously and wisely monitored by Jean who is an astonishing teacher and guide.

‪And the transformation continues long after you have left. I continue to feel like I am in the process of being energetically rewired.

I would urge you to do whatever you can to make arrangements to attend a workshop. I am confident that once you do, you will certainly want to experience it again and again.

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Learning from Jean enhances everything you will be able to garner from your reading her bookHands-on practice with what she teaches in this course will give you confidence to be a rock star!!

Love Jean and her work and have done several trainings with her. Sign up and take the course – you will not regret it!!!

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There are many things I’m very thankful for, and one is when the book Clear Home Clear Heart came into my life and the day I made the trip the whole way from Germany to the USA just for the workshop with Jean. It is the most valuable investment of time and money I have ever made.

I would encourage anyone to attend this course, as we receive lots of clearings, we can ask all the questions we have and we go deep into this work properly. It’s a skill we will benefit from the rest of our life plus all the friends and like-minded people we connect withGo, go, go!!

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I had been doing other forms of energy work for many years before learning clearing. Having read the book, it felt a natural transition.

In fact, it felt like clearing was what I’d been evolving into in my practice already but it was helpful to have the structure of Clear Home Clear Heart so as to keep my practice pure.

Then I started thinking that, if I’m naturally going this way and I value the integrity in doing something well, I might as well jump in and attend a course.

So I did! And really, really, there is an entrainment that happens that creates shifts that can only be gotten at a workshop.

On top of that, you connect with a whole group of people who are spending the time all on the same focus. It makes clearing happen easier and you become part of a community on another level.

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I went to my first workshop to learn clearing before I knew what it was, and well before the book was published. The experience changed my life in so many ways that I have attended 4 advanced trainings since then.

Each one has enhanced my life. Nothing can replace learning this work directly from Jean and sharing the experiences with like-minded people. Don’t hesitate to attend; it’s awesome!

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I have to chuckle at the concept that reading a book about something, no matter how excellent the book may be, could possibly be better than actual, live experience.

Of course there are many things that come from attending a class, even beyond what’s gained while it’s happening. It’s a precious gift to give yourself, and one that gives to others as well. Step out of the comfort zone and Grow!

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Where do I begin and I hope I can end! Jean’s workshops are nothing but amazing. I find the moment I register there is an energy shift in me. What a gift to be among a group of like-minded, gentle, supportive, caring and fun souls.

‪I was in a car accident 6 years ago and find that reading is challenging as well as doing exercises from reading very challenging. With Jean creating the intention and space, miracles have happened for me with my energy shifting, my ability to feel more connected to myself and my spiritual side, and my ability to do clearings is enhanced each and every time I attend a workshop.

‪There has yet to be a workshop I’ve attended (I’ve attended 3) where I don’t come back feeling even more aligned, balanced with my true self. I can let go of all my perceptions of my self and my life and really play in the deep waters of trust.

Be enveloped in a warm spiritual hug that meets you where you are and helps you relax into being your full beautiful you.

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There is an entrainment that happens at a workshop that is not possible to get from reading the book. The book is incredible, don’t get me wrong, but if you don’t also attend a workshop, there is a big piece of the magic that you can’t really get access to.

When I attended a clearing workshop for the first time it was as if a switch got flipped in my energy field, allowing me access to so much more.

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Jean has a gift that cannot be fully understood by just reading a book. Her workshops are life changing and inspiring. That’s probably why I’ve been going to them for more than seven years!

Sometimes us humans can keep talking endlessly about all that we want to accomplish in life and how we want to live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. But sometimes you just have to click the ‘Register’ button, and show up!

What do you have to lose? Your life was probably changed for the better after reading Jean’s book…. So imagine how much it can shift and move into clarity if you go to one of her clearing workshops!

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I read Clear Home Clear Heart and practiced for almost two years before attending a workshop. My experience was more than I could have ever expected. I am not exaggerating when I say the workshop changed my life. I plan to attend a course every year. See you there!

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Make the journey. Your future self will thank you and thank you and thank you – for the rest of your life!

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Jean Haner is the author of the book, Clear Home Clear Heart, and she has worked in the field of subtle energy for 30 years.Jean Haner

A natural intuitive empath, Jean is able to physically feel and work with the energy of people and places. Highly sensitive as a child, she easily absorbed the energy of others, as well as being overly-affected by the energy held in environments. But through years of training and experience, Jean transformed her sensitivity into the power to work with energy on a very high level.

Because of her personal experience with both the challenges and strengths of being an empath, she is well known as a compassionate and effective teacher, giving you meaningful tools you can put to immediate use in life.

People all over the world have discovered in Jean’s workshops a community of like minds who support each other in their commitment to a more conscious path, one that is based on open-hearted compassion.

Click here to learn more about Jean’s story!