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Discover Your Inner Design and
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You have a unique inner design, like your own personal map, that you can use to navigate your life. It can help you find love, discover your purpose, solve problems, make decisions, and always be true to your nature.

Jean Haner integrates ancient Chinese principles of balance and health with modern Western science to help you discover who you really are inside and how to claim the successful life you deserve.

Join Jean in workshops, readings or coaching to learn simple, elegant and practical tools you can put to immediate use in life!

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“You have an inner design that is perfect and beautiful and right. Let me show you…”

What's This About?
What’s This About?

Thirty years ago, I married into a Chinese family, and began to learn about Chinese philosophy and medicine from my very traditional mother-in-law.

It wasn’t until after the wedding that I discovered how tolerant this kind woman really was. I learned the family had secretly had my face and birthdate evaluated to see if I was a “lucky” match for my husband…More…


What’s New?

Online Coaching with Live Readings!

Don’t miss this new way to learn online with Jean Haner!

Observe as Jean does live readings and see how this ancient system of Chinese face reading and birth date reading can help you discover your true calling and create positive change in your life.

Plus live Q&A with Jean!

Learn how your inner design can guide you in: Money – Love – Career – Purpose and more…

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Watch videos, live demonstrations; interviews on TV, radio and other media; celebrity readings and more!

Is your sex drive revealed in your features? Looking for guidance about your career? Searching for  help with relationships?

Learn more about your inner design!


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  • HH-RadioYour Hidden Symmetry on Hay House Radio!

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    Toll Free in the US & Canada: 866-254-1579

    International Callers, dial the country code + 760-918-4300

    Jean gives free readings on her weekly radio show! Call in with your birth date, and get answers about relationships, career direction, life purpose, making important decisions, or guidance on understand your life experience. 

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