The Wisdom of Your Face

WOYF-coverWhat if you could tell, just by looking at someone, how they will tend to think, feel, and behave?

What if your partner’s face revealed the best way to dissolve any barriers between you?

And what if you could discover in your own face the wisdom that you need to be your authentic self?

Based on the same ancient foundation as Chinese medicine, face reading has a depth of over 3,000 years of research and development. When translated for our modern Western lives, it’s a powerful source of wisdom that we can all access.

In this book filled with stories, photos and easy-to-understand information, you will discover how your face reveals your inner design, and how to live in alignment with your true nature.

woyf-face1Each of your features has a message for you about who you really are inside, the kind of work that will bring you joy, what relationships will be most fulfilling for you, and most of all, how to feel compassion for yourself and everyone you encounter.

Discovering the wisdom your face reveals can help you answer two of the most important questions you need to ask yourself: Who am I, and what is my calling?

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How can this book help you?

  • Understand why you may be attracting the same patterns of experience in life
  • Deepen your romantic relationship, or find someone who is a ‘fit’ for you
  • Improve your parenting skills by understanding your special strengths and challenges
  • Discover the meaning of each feature on your face
  • Learn what those photos on the on-line dating sites reveal!
  • Understand clients’ and colleagues’ personalities and decision-making behavior
  • Find easier ways for people to work together with less stress
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin!

A message from author Jean Haner: “You were born with a beautiful inner design, a plan for who you are, what you came here to learn, and a special purpose to contribute to the world. But soon after you arrived, like many of us, you probably started receiving messages, expectations and judgments from the world around you.

woyf-face2“Your parents, though they loved you, may have had their own hopes about who you were going to be, or projected onto you beliefs that didn’t match who you really were. Add to this the influence of school, peers, and society at large, and the implicit message can be ‘You’ll be loved if you’re like that, not this.’

“And of course you want to be loved, so you do your best to alter, deny or suppress who you really are. By the time you’re an adult, it can almost be as if you’re blaming yourself for who you are, rather than being the most authentic expression of your true self.

WOYF-face3“The purpose of my work is to help you rediscover your original nature and see how perfect you really are – to be yourself on purpose!

“It’s a fun and fascinating experience to learn how even features you may not have liked actually have powerfully positive messages for you. You can gain more clarity about everyone in your life, and learn how to improve all your relationships.

“At the very least, you’ll be able to get out of the grocery store faster, because you’ll be able to read the faces of the check-out clerks and know who’ll be spacey and slow and who’ll be efficient and quick!”

Praise for The Wisdom of Your Face!

“The Wisdom of Your Face brings the ancient art of Chinese Face Reading to life for modern Westerners. Jean Haner clears away outmoded superstitions and misunderstanding about this complex diagnostic system and goes directly to the psychological and spiritual wisdom at its core. In clear yet eloquent language, the author guides us into a world where the lines of a face are no longer viewed as aesthetic problems to be erased but rather as the sacred calligraphy of an evolving soul.

“This book is the product not only of a keenly perceptive and dedicated mind but also a deeply compassionate heart. It is a treasure trove of practical information and guidance as well as poetry and magic that will be invaluable to acupuncturists, counselors, teachers…in fact, to anyone who is committed to helping themselves and others lead more authentic, meaningful and rewarding lives.”

—Lorie Eve Dechar, author of Five Spirits

“Jean Haner reveals how to read a face like an open book. Her knowledge and insights show you how to interpret the life-story written on every face, recognize the unique thoughts and feelings inscribed there, and truly understand all personality types. This book transforms the way you look into the mirror – and into the eyes of another person.”

—Terah Kathryn Collins, author of The Western Guide to Feng Shui