Clearing Videos


Videos for Readers of Jean’s New Book,
Clear Home Clear Heart: Learn to Clear the Energy of People and Places

These videos can help you learn as you read the book!

IMPORTANT: The information in these videos should be used only in conjunction with reading Jean’s book, Clear Home Clear Heart in its entirety. You would not be able to do a personal clearing or a space clearing without having received the foundation of understanding and development of skills provided in the book.

Holding and Using a Pendulum: Watch Jean show you how to hold your pendulum, discover the natural movements it makes for you and learn how to find your “yes” and “no” answers!

Doing a Personal Clearing: See Jean demonstrate what a full clearing is like! She’ll walk you through the different stages of the clearing and what to expect when you give or receive a clearing.

How to Use a Dowsing Rod: Watch Jean show you how to hold a dowsing rod, and how to walk with it to explore a room, to find different types of energy flowing through the space.

Checking the Front Door for Qi Flow: See Jean demonstrate how to walk with a dowsing rod to check if there is nourishing energy (qi) flowing through your front door into your home.

Locating Geopathic Stress: Watch Jean show you how to use a dowsing rod to map out any areas in a room where the earth energies are out of balance (geopathic stress).