School of One!

School of One!

As I worked on my new book, The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, I observed so many times how a child’s true nature was misperceived by parents or teachers, how their spirit was already being diminished by the lack of recognition and support for what they personally needed in order to succeed in school.

Chinese face reading shows us how unique each child is in every way, and that includes his or her learning style at school. There are actually simple, effective things that can be done to accommodate a child’s specific needs for integrating information in the best possible way for them. In my book, I have sections for teachers that give them ideas for dealing with different personality types. Things as small as where a child sits in the room, the way they’re spoken to, even how often they can get up and move around can have a surprising impact on their ability to function well in school.

That’s why I was so happy to read an article in The Atlantic Magazine about “School of One” (see link below) that offers a wonderful new way of re-thinking our educational system so that every child’s personal needs are honored without making unreasonable demands on teachers. We can change our schools from the mass-production model!

My only quibble with this idea is that they think they need a mathematical algorithm for this system! If only they knew how to read the kids’ faces! That would give them the information they need to know how each child best integrates information, relates to the teacher, their flow through the day and more. Well, maybe eventually face reading will be an additional tool to make life easier for more educators and parents!

This article is available online at: Let’s support innovation in our schools!