Cheeks and Career Choices!

Cheeks and Career Choices!

If you learn how to read faces, you’ll never be bored again – there’s such fascinating information available around you every day! Here are some thoughts about how just one feature can indicate potential career direction:

This fall, I spoke at an international conference for estheticians and spa professionals. As I gazed at the hundreds of faces around me, I suddenly noticed that nearly all of them had gigantic cheeks!

In face reading, each feature has many messages for you, about who you really are, what’s important to you, and your special patterns of perception of life. But a few of the things that cheeks represent made obvious sense in this situation:

One of the personality characteristics that prominent cheeks indicate is someone who naturally pays close attention to details, and has an inherent desire to create beauty in life.  So it’d certainly make sense that a person attracted to a career as an esthetician would have powerful cheeks!

In Chinese medicine, each feature also correlates to a specific organ system in the body.  (Face reading originated as a diagnostic tool for health purposes.) Interestingly, one of the things the cheeks relate to is the health of the skin – so again, we see how these cheeks would incline someone to be naturally attracted to a career doing detailed work to create beautiful skin!

But shortly after that conference, I attended another, this time about Buddhist psychology.  I found myself in a room surrounded by therapists and other healers interested in applying mindfulness techniques to help others achieve peace and balance in their lives. The focus was on powerful ways for people to observe their thoughts and feelings and start to take more responsibility for their choices in life.

And as I looked around, I realized that nearly everyone in the room had flat cheeks!  I had to laugh – one of the things that flat cheeks represent is someone who doesn’t want to have to take responsibility for another person’s work. It’s usually taken as a sign they’d not enjoy managing a staff, as they don’t like to constantly have to check up on people and remind them to do their jobs.

But another way flat cheeks can be interpreted is someone who’ll not want to boss another person around – that they want them to take responsibility for their own progress.  This is exactly the way these flat-cheeked therapists would be attracted to working with clients, and why they would be interested in this conference!

It’s amazing what you can discover in the faces around you if you just know what to look for!