Can You Read a Face That’s Been Altered?

Can You Read a Face That’s Been Altered?

I’ve been traveling and teaching nearly nonstop, and my hope of making frequent blog entries had to vanish for a while, but here I am back again! It’s hard to explain the pure delight of being home for more than a week and being able to do some REAL grocery shopping for a change! I even treated myself to a stop at an Asian grocery and got to buy bitter melon, and duck eggs, and lotus root, and – oh, I could go on and on, but suffice it say that Chinese food is my ultimate comfort food!

Someone asked me recently whether I could still read someone’s face if they’d had plastic surgery, and that’s a common question, so I thought I’d broach it here….

If someone has plastic surgery, I can still read their face, but it’s helpful to know in advance what they’ve changed, so I can read the emotional and energetic consequences of what has happened. Everything on your face has a meaning. If you alter anything about your face, you don’t just make a physical change to how you look, you also alter the meaning that feature holds for you, and this isn’t always a wise thing.

Each of us is born with a unique inner blueprint, an intentional design that is ours and ours alone. Your face reveals what that blueprint is, and how to create a life that is in alignment with whom you were meant to be. Just as a house is built based on a blueprint, it’s not always wise to make changes to it without looking at the original plans!

Often someone wants to alter their face to remove wrinkles they think are ugly. The problem is that wrinkles aren’t just as a result of aging. Many wrinkles are carved into the face as a result of repetitive patterns of emotion. Each of us has certain emotions we feel on a consistent basis, often repeatedly throughout the day. When we feel that emotion, we make an expression – sometimes it’s a tiny micro-expression, and sometimes it’s a longer-lasting expression. But each time we do this, we carve the lines associated with that expression a bit more deeply into our faces.

If you remove the wrinkle, you’re removing the external representation of that pattern of emotion. But most likely, you’ve done no inner work to change those feelings! So you keep having those same emotions with the same frequency, and the wrinkles just re-form. One woman came up to me in a workshop to point out all the deep wrinkles she had, and then told me she’d had a complete facelift 18 months before – the wrinkles had all come back in that short amount of time.

Rather than pay thousands of dollars to try to eradicate wrinkles, and then have them return, it can be very useful to learn what those wrinkles mean! This can help you become aware of the reason you developed the wrinkle. But it can also help you make new choices about what you think or feel. By learning to make these different choices, you can actually watch a wrinkle fade or even disappear. I’ve received many an amazed email from students in my workshops that they’ve done this successfully.

Some people have plastic surgery, not to erase wrinkles but to change a feature they don’t like. Too often, this isn’t because the feature is actually disfiguring, but rather because they’re afraid they won’t be attractive/lovable the way they naturally look. I often have people in my workshops saying they used to hate their nose, or mouth, or ears, etc. until they learned what they mean in Chinese face reading! Every feature reveals something powerful about who you are and what you can do in the world. When you understand their meaning, you’d never want to change them!

At the worst, making severe changes to your face is considered to possibly change your entire destiny. Our recent loss of brilliant Michael Jackson is an example of how someone can actually change their destiny by having plastic surgery. I’ve been worried for years about him because of how dramatically he’d altered his face. Especially as the changes he made to his nose disastrously shifted what his life would be like once he entered his 40’s. (One of the things the nose represents is what your life experience will be during the decade of your 40’s.) His original nose showed that this time of his life would have been one of loving connections with family and friends, relaxed enjoyment of the fruits of his success, and a sense of grounded safety in the world.

But the disfigured nose he ended up with indicated a nightmare experience in his 40’s, along with a loss of personal power, extreme vulnerability of the heart emotionally and physically, and need to withdraw from the world, for solitude due to hyper-sensitivity. I was especially worried about him at this specific time in his life because age 49-50 is represented on the face as the area from the tip of the nose down into the philtrum (groove under the nose). Because the tip of his nose was so disfigured, this would indicate a time of dangerous transition, as well as actual possibility of a heart problem, no matter what the cause. If only he could have gotten real help to restore balance in his life.

I’d encourage everyone to consider that learning to read the face you see in the mirror is a way of recognizing, loving and honoring your soul’s intent.

2 thoughts on “Can You Read a Face That’s Been Altered?”

  1. Hi Jean, this is a great and very insightful blog as always. I enjoyed reading it very much and so true about Michael Jackson, and so sad indeed.
    My question is about breakouts and acne, since these are also temporary, but I’ve been plagued with breakouts pretty much this entire year, I’ll clear up and they return again. I know at times it’s due to stress, but what does this mean in Face Reading? Once it was so bad I didn’t want to leave the house.

    1. Yes, especially for “Fire-y” people, inflammations like blemishes or rosacea happen more easily! Covering large areas of the face indicate generalized “over-excitement” (stress). For individual spots, you look at what feature it’s on to discern the meaning, whether it’s due to physical condition, patterns of emotions, or a sign from a stage in our life journey. These are messages that are available for us, to understand how we’re off balance, and how to come back into balance, and we should pay attention!

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