You’ll Never Be Bored Again!

You’ll Never Be Bored Again!

When someone asks me where I live, I often say, “On an airplane.” And it’s only half-jokingly – I spend a lot of time in the air and in airports, on my way to teach a workshop or do consultations.

But here’s the thing – when you know face reading, the airport is a fascinating place to be! Every face tells a story about who that person really is inside, what their life has been like, and what your experience with them will be.

There are patterns of facial features you often see in combination that reveal someone’s personality and how they’ll tend to behave in everyday life.

For instance, that woman who’s handing out snacks to her two travel companions and worrying why the third hasn’t shown up yet? It’s obvious from her rounded eyebrows and plump nose and cheeks that she has the “Mother” personality, someone whose attention will always go to taking care of others, and who worries about others’ wellbeing before her own.

It’s her nature to carry travel snacks and to want to vacation with friends and not on her own. You can’t imagine “Mother” without a family – The Mother personality values friends, family and relationships above all else.

And her first thought in any situation will be how she can help. If my flight has been delayed and my phone battery has died, she’s the person I’ll pick to ask to borrow hers to make a few calls!

The young woman at the counter who’s just been told there’s no gate information yet for her flight because she’s checking in 3 hours early? It’s her prominent nose and cheeks and highly-placed eyebrows that reveal her anxiety about being late, the reason she arrived at the airport so far in advance.

She’s actually what’s called a “Highly Sensitive Person,” someone who feels best if every detail is taken care of ahead of time; who hates to rush or have last-minute surprises to contend with.

I know she’ll need to find a seat in the waiting area that’s as separate as possible from the crowds, because she’s so affected by other people’s energy. But I also know that I’d enjoy sitting next to her on a plane, because she’ll be very aware of not intruding on my space, and will have a charm and graciousness that make her a joy to pass the time with, even if we never exchange a word.

That man over there waiting to board his flight, looking so uncomfortably restricted in that conservative suit and tie? He has what I call a “Musician’s” face – domed forehead, shadowed under eyes, large ears and a prominent chin.

I know that he has a music studio down in his basement where he spends all his spare time, but thinks he could never make a go of it professionally. I also know that a job that doesn’t allow him freedom and creativity will smother his spirit.

And I know that he in fact does have the potential to find success in music or the arts in some way because that matches his inner design, so clearly reflected in the design of his face. It takes all my willpower not to run over to him and say, “Honey! You don’t belong here! Run free!”

People often ask me if I can “turn it off” or whether I’m always reading faces. As if it was unpleasant or stressful to be able to see someone’s true spirit!

Instead, it’s always a joy and an honor to witness the beauty revealed in the faces around me. And this is why I teach workshops – so you can see what I see too!

The side benefit? You’ll never be bored in an airport again.

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