Worried About Being on the Other Side of 40?

Worried About Being on the Other Side of 40?

Our culture is so silly, trying to convince us that the only period of our lives that we’re valued is when we’re young and wrinkle-free.

As you reach 40, it’s like you’re supposed to do everything you can to put the brakes on!

You invest in “anti-aging” products that you’ll have to use for the rest of your life, and you can feel pressured to get cosmetic procedures, all in a desperate attempt to still be accepted by others.

Even with the occasional news reports trumpeting “60 is the new 40!” (so does that mean 40 is the new 20?), we’re still immersed in the belief that being on the other side of 40 means it’s all downhill from there!

The Plan and Purpose for Your 40s

But the principles of Chinese face reading give us a different view. Every decade of your life has a plan to it, and your 40s is a pivotal turning point.

As you approach 40, your attention and energy are compelled to look in a new direction – You start to feel a sense of urgency about getting more “real.”

What this means is that your 40s are about feeling more and more like you can no longer lead the life you’ve been leading. That you must find work that’s more meaningful and relationships that are more authentic.

It’s actually not until you approach 40 that you’re able to have a good enough sense of who you really are so that you can start to design a life that’s a better fit for you.

And once you reach that place, there’s no turning back – Every cell in your body will be yearning for a life that’s more true to who you now know you are, and who you’re meant to become. The 40s is very much about moving closer to achieving your true calling, personally and professionally.

This is why it’s so common for people to get divorced right around the time they turn 40, or change careers, or make a major move. It’s the time when you can finally step into your power at a whole new level, to be more authentic in every way.

Every decade of your life is represented by a feature on your face – You can use face reading to know what the 40s will be like for you!

Free Face Reading Tips!

I just did a fun interview with Terry Sobon in her telesummit event Beautiful, Sexy, Badass Over 40 where I shared how to read what your face says about your 40s – as well as many other face reading stories and tips!

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8 thoughts on “Worried About Being on the Other Side of 40?”

  1. God Bless you Jean! SO Grateful for YOU! 😉

    What you say in this article is a sad fact, but oh, so true. My 40’s were when (surgically) I lost 130 lbs, and decided to FINALLY fulfill that bucket list dream of being a psychotherapist…I turned 56 this past January, and MOVED back to “city” (on my birthday-LOL) to join with a private practice who contracts with the Superior Court in my State. I facilitate 2 separate groups for adolescents males (ages 12- 17 ) court ordered for IOP for sexually maladaptive behaviors.

    I am very grateful that you generously provide these “freebies” to your FB fans! 😉 <3 … Grateful to have discovered THIS inner design/face reading in my 50's. THOUGHT I was destined to become an old dinosaur in MY "industry" due to my age… I am discovering this inner and outer wisdom as I co-create along with Spirit, and of course with you, and your loving guidance.

    Bless you dear one! Namaste'. <3 <3 <3

  2. 40’s were some of the most challenging times of my life – also the most transformational. LOTS of growth in my 40’s . What about 50’s – ???

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