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No Attack Dogs Required

A few years ago, right before his book, “Blink” came out, I had the joy of sitting across from Malcolm Gladwell at dinner and listening to him tell stories about his research for the book.

One thing he’d done was interview people who train professional bodyguards.

He said as part of the training, each person is shown a line drawn on the ground and told, “Walk along this line, and no matter what happens, stay on the line.”

So, the trainee starts to walk along the line, and out of nowhere, a snarling attack dog charges right at him. Of course, he shrieks and runs off the line.  Continue reading

Three Stories: Are You an Energy Sponge or Do You Leak Energy?

I did a reading for a young woman named Kimberly a while back, who said, “I’m just a total energy sponge!”

She had figured out she soaked in other people’s energy after she had to start sharing an office with another woman. Although she got on with her well enough, Kimberly noticed that suddenly she was dragging home at the end of every day, completely exhausted.

One day it dawned on her that the genesis of this exhaustion could be traced to the very first day this woman moved into her office. Continue reading

Are You Sensitive to the Energy of People and Places?

Alex was already very spiritual even by age 16. He’d recently started waking up an hour earlier each day so he could meditate and do yoga in his room before breakfast.

But he felt something was really wrong with him.

Every morning, when he finished his hour of meditation and yoga, he felt wonderful – clear, in balance, and full of joy.

He’d then head out his bedroom door and down a long hallway, through the house to the kitchen, where his mother had breakfast waiting.

But by the time he sat down at the kitchen table, all the joy was melting away. He started to feel heavy and tired.

And so upset with himself! What was wrong with him that he couldn’t hold that great energy for more than 5 minutes?  Continue reading

Worried About Being on the Other Side of 40?

Our culture is so silly, trying to convince us that the only period of our lives that we’re valued is when we’re young and wrinkle-free.

As you reach 40, it’s like you’re supposed to do everything you can to put the brakes on!

You invest in “anti-aging” products that you’ll have to use for the rest of your life, and you can feel pressured to get cosmetic procedures, all in a desperate attempt to still be accepted by others.

Even with the occasional news reports trumpeting “60 is the new 40!” (so does that mean 40 is the new 20?), we’re still immersed in the belief that being on the other side of 40 means it’s all downhill from there!

The Plan and Purpose for Your 40s

But the principles of Chinese face reading give us a different view. Continue reading

What Are You NOT Seeing?

It’s like we all walk through life with blinders on.

Each of us carries a type of unconscious mindset that limits our view.

It’s a belief pattern makes us feel that the right thing to do is “X” when in fact that’s not always true!

It’s just how we’re wired – We’ll just naturally click into this way of thinking without even realizing it because it’s such a part of who we are.

On one hand, this is good – it’s the key to our success in life; it represents our strengths.

But there’s a Downside… Continue reading

So! – How’s 2015 Going for You So Far?

Have there been any surprises so far this year? Things going the way you’d planned?

Anything confusing you about what’s happened in your life since the year began?

Or are you having any unexpected feelings emerge as you get further into the year?

In fact, each year has a theme to it, and that theme will run through what happens in your external world, as well as what starts to churn in your inner world.

It’s part of a rhythm of yearly influences that gets set up the moment you’re born.

My phone tends to ring off the hook at this time of year, as people get fully into the influence of the year and start to think, “Wha???” as they go through some version of:

“Wow! My life just turned magic – How can I make it last?”

“What the hell is happening?”

“This is NOT what I ordered.”

In fact, you can think what’s happening is “bad” when in fact, once you discover what the theme of the year is, you can see that the messages and experiences it’s bringing to you are actually going to create incredibly positive results.

And once you understand the energy of the year for you, you can align with it, so you’re going with the flow rather than trying to swim against the current.

Some years are designed to bring you love with ease. Others are supportive of launching your new business, or making a major life change. And some years are meant to help you grow deep roots where you are right now.

So if you know the unique plan and purpose for 2015, you can love your experience and make it your best year ever.

Here’s a way to get some clues about the theme for your year: Continue reading

Were You Born in 1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984 or 1993?

Most of my posts on this blog are about Chinese face reading.

But there are also patterns in your birth date that reveal your personality. It’s what my book Your Hidden Symmetry is all about.

In reading your birth date, we get messages from the year you were born – plus messages from the month you were born – plus messages from the day you were born.

All this together gives you a deeply-layered understanding of your true nature, who you are in your heart of hearts.

Of course it’s not possible to go into that level of detail here, but I can still offer you some insights that may be meaningful for you!

So today, let’s look at some things we can read from JUST some birth years. Continue reading

Did Brian Williams “misremember?”


If you’re following the news about NBC anchor Brian Williams “misremembering” whether he had been on a helicopter that had been shot down, it’s interesting to consider what the patterns in his face and birth date can reveal.

Was he intentionally lying or did he genuinely not recall events accurately?

Williams’ face has a long rectangular shape and his body type is long and lean as well – This shows what’s called a “Bamboo” personality type.

In nature, the bamboo tree’s secret to success is its flexibility – It bends in the breeze and so doesn’t get knocked down in a storm. When someone has a bamboo personality, they have an adaptable nature, and come across as easygoing and flexible.

But the downside of a bamboo personality is that it can make them evasive in communications. Or they can even slant the truth, though not being intentionally dishonest. At the extreme, they can be mercenary in their approach, bending to take advantage of any situation that will serve them best.

The patterns in his birth date add more insights – They show he has a great sense of humor and can spin a good story. But this is also a sign of an ambitious man with a drive to be the center of attention. This can mean that he has a tendency to make everything all about him – even events that happen to someone else.

There’s also a strong indication of a good imagination – so good in fact that it could incline him to create fantasies that he begins to believe as true. In other words, he may change the facts in his own mind without any intention of being untruthful.

The fact that he wasn’t in the helicopter that got shot down but in the one behind it could easily have morphed in his mind, into his own personal version of reality, of the drama that happened to him.

What these patterns seem to show is that he may have revised history in his own mind, but that he truly believed his altered memories, and he wasn’t intentionally lying.

(The meanings of the patterns in our faces and birth dates come from an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, which developed a very sophisticated science of reading not only the physical body but the personality as well.)


The Cat

There’s a hidden trail near my house in San Diego, that feels very remote and peaceful even though it’s right in the middle of town.

It’s a narrow path, with a high bluff on one side and a steep canyon on the other. Once you’re on it, all you can hear is the crunch of your feet on the ground.

And once you’re on it, you either complete the walk or you turn around and go back out. It’s about 3 miles from beginning to end and there are no exits along the way.

Continue reading

“Beautiful Old People are Works of Art”

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Click here to a fascinating study of how faces aged.

These faces are still all loveable, but in many, you can see the results of a lifetime of being locked into repeating patterns of thought and feeling…

Continue reading